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Taylor Swift Went To Target To Buy Her Album and Surprised Tons of Fans!

Imagine going to Target for toothpaste and running into Taylor Swift! That’s what happened Tuesday when Swift and her background singers, The Starlights (Melanie Nyema, Kamilah Marshall, Eliotte Nicole and Clare Turton Derrico) went to the store to purchase her new album Reputation.

Swift documented the whole thing on her Instagram story! Watch below:

Swift met fans who were able to meet her for the first time and who just happened to be going to Target at the same time!! Some fans showed her pictures of them together when they were in elementary school and now they are all grown up! It’s a beautiful thing!! Swift even facetimed fans!

just a typical tuesday night… thx for putting me on your story ily :))

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The Starlights also posted videos of the trip as well and afterwards they all went out to celebrate Melanie’s birthday! Check out the videos and pictures below! It sure seemed like the most amazing Target trip ever!! Also we are fully living for Taylor wearing her own merch and using her phone case she sells on her site!



Let The Games Begin! Taylor Swift Announces Dates for the ‘Reputation Tour!’

The first round of dates for Taylor Swift’s reputation Stadium Tour were just announced! Tickets for the North American leg will go on-sale to the general public on December 13th.

Fans will have the opportunity to purchase tickets in advance of the public on-sale in North America via Taylor Swift Tix powered by Ticketmaster Verified Fan. Registration is currently open and continues until November 28th when the final place in line will be decided! Fans will then get an email with their final place in line and the date that their tickets will go on sale!

Pre-sales will happen December 5-9 with general sales happening December 13 (Her 28th birthday). Watch the video below for further explanation!


General ticketing and on-sale information is available at ticketmaster.com/TaylorSwift.





May 8

Glendale, AZ

University of Phoenix Stadium

May 12

Santa Clara, CA

Levi’s Stadium

May 19

Pasadena, CA

Rose Bowl

May 22

Seattle, WA

CenturyLink Field

May 25

Denver, CO

Sports Authority Field At Mile High

June 2

Chicago, IL

Soldier Field

June 30

Louisville, KY

Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium

July 7

Columbus, OH

Ohio Stadium

July 10

Washington, DC

FedEx Field

July 14

Philadelphia, PA

Lincoln Financial Field

July 17

Cleveland, OH

First Energy Stadium

July 21

East Rutherford, NJ

MetLife Stadium

July 28

Foxborough, MA

Gillette Stadium

August 4

Toronto, ON

Rogers Centre

August 7

Pittsburgh, PA

Heinz Field

August 11

Atlanta, GA

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

August 14

Tampa, FL

Raymond James Stadium

August 18

Miami, FL

Hard Rock Stadium

August 25

Nashville, TN

Nissan Stadium

August 28

Detroit, MI

Ford Field

September 1

Minneapolis, MN

U.S. Bank Stadium

September 8

Kansas City, MO

Arrowhead Stadium

September 15

Indianapolis, IN

Lucas Oil Stadium


St. Louis, MO

The Dome at America’s Center

September 22

New Orleans, LA

Mercedes-Benz Superdome

September 29

Houston, TX

NRG Stadium

October 6

Arlington, TX

AT&T Stadium


*Additional tour dates to be announced in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia & New Zealand

Taylor Swift Gives First Live Performances of Two Songs off ‘Reputation​’ on SNL! – Watch



Tonight. 📷: @maryellenmatthewsnyc

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It’s safe to say we weren’t “…Ready For It?” Boom Boom Boom – Pow! Taylor Swift and The Starlights (fan-given name to her backup singers – Melanie Nyema, Kamilah Marshall, Eliotte Nicole and Clare Turton Derrico) took the stage at SNL to give two amazing performances of two songs off Swift’s new album Reputation. First up was “…Ready For It?” where they busted out amazing vocals and sultry dance moves.

You can watch the full performance below!


Swift also gave an acoustic performance of “Call It What You Want” where she picks up the guitar. She is accompanied by Agency (band) members) Paul Sidoti on Guitar and Mike Meadows on Cello. It’s so wonderful to see the gang together again! It’s getting us very excited for the Reputation Tour which will be announced closer to Swift’s 28th birthday! We can’t wait to find out when we can see all this live ourselves!!!!



Our girl is so happy!!!!!


And cute!!


We love the AGENCY + Starlights <3

Taylor Swift Reveals​ ‘Reputation’ Tracklisting and Back Cover!

It has been quite the day on social media! Someone got ahold of Taylor Swift‘s new album Reputation due out Friday, November 10 and posted a picture of the back cover! Up until now, the track listing has been a complete secret, not even with the names being listed on iTunes or made available on any preorders. The culprit could have been an Amazon employee as the picture was seen taken next to an Amazon box, but the point being, it was leaked.

3 days until #reputation

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If Taylor Swift and/or her team did not post the artwork/tracklisting and didn’t give any exclusive out for someone else to do so, that is leaked information. Any reputation media outlet with respect would refrain from posting until Swift herself shared the news. Will they be missing out on thousands of clicks to their site? Yes. But is it worth it to ruin a relationship with Swift and her team? Talk about burning bridges.



While most Swifties fought to protect the leak from spreading by reporting accounts that were sharing it, some “media representatives” took it upon themselves to share it. Swift had to then take to social media to reveal it herself so that her fans could be the ones to see it from her. Check out the track listing below! Which songs are you most excited to hear? Joseph Kahn who has directed most of Swift’s recent music videos said he personally thinks Track 4 is “Swiftian genius.”

Track 5 is generally always the saddest on the album, and Swift herself said track 15 could be a first dance type song at a wedding! So, we’re guessing she had a pretty great New Year’s Day. 😉

Reputation will be out before we know it! Oh, and did we mention Ed Sheeran and Future also have a collab on the album! Sweeran rise!

3 days until #reputation

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Reputation Official Tracklisting

  1. …Ready For It?
  2. End Game ft Ed Sheeran and Future
  3. I Did Something Bad
  4. Don’t Blame Me
  5. Delicate
  6. Look What You Made Me Do
  7. So It Goes…
  8. Gorgeous
  9. Getaway Car
  10. King Of My Heart
  11. Dancing With Our Hands Tied
  12. Dress
  13. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
  14. Call It What You Want
  15. New Years Day

Taylor Swift Finally Gets One Thing Right In New Song “Call It What You Want”

Taylor Swift has just released her fourth promotional song off her 6th studio album Reputation coming out November 10! “Call It What You Want” quickly reached #1 on iTunes and Reputation has reached over 400,000 presale copies, more than double it’s predecessor 1989 which sold almost 1.3 million copies the first week of sales.

“Call It What You Want” is track #14 on the album and it is a beautiful love song. One of the fans who attended the secret sessions and has heard the album in its entirety stated that the album is about how Swift has been feeling the last few years, but that the last two songs on the album, (tracks 14 + 15) are how she feels right now.

“While this album is how I’ve been feeling over the last two years, these last two songs are how I feel now.”

Swift also told a fan (who thought maybe “Call It What You Want” was the perfect wedding song), that track 15 would actually be a better choice! So there’s at least one more great love song on the album!

“Want” has a much slower pace than the previous three singles released and instead of being driven by production and beats, it’s driven by lyrics.

Listen to the song and read below as we break down the lyrics to “Call It What You Want”


“My castle crumbled overnight
I brought a knife to a gunfight”

Remember back when Swift was a crumbled up piece of paper laying there (“All Too Well”) and when she could build a castle out of all the bricks they threw at her (“New Romantics”)? Now that armor has fallen down and she was not as prepared as she thought she was. That’s what the next line suggests, by bringing a knife to a gunfight.

“They took the crown but it’s alright”

They took her crown – everything she had built up. With 1989, she was at such a happy place. She won album of the year, every media outlet was singing her praises. They loved how happy she was in her relationship and stopped calling her a man-eating whore. She had her good name back, and they took it away. This is not playing the victim, these are facts. People will say anything to make a headline or get attention, no matter how inaccurate and false it may be. But it’s alright, you know why? She’s doing better than she ever was.

“All the liars are calling me one
Nobody’s heard from me in months
I’m doing better than I ever was.”

This is so heartbreaking but freeing at the same time. That she had to get out of the public eye and not be seen or photographed in order to finally get peace and be happy. But now she is and she’s a happy little hermit!

“Cause my baby’s fit like a daydream
Walking with his head down
I’m the one he’s walking to
So call it what you want yeah, call it what you want to
My baby’s fly like a jet stream
High above the whole scene
Loves me like I’m brand new
So call it what you want yeah, call it what you want to”

While the initial tone of the song seems sad, it just makes her appreciate everything so much more. All of that doesn’t matter because she has so much happiness and love in her life. She has this handsome man she gets to spend all her time with so she doesn’t care what anyone else has to say because he makes her feel worth it. He makes her feel like the her that she truly is. The her, her fans wish they could make her believe she is. We are always going to be our own worse enemy. So now she feels brand new, she’s able to disregard what lies are being said about her and just smile all the time. Isn’t love wonderful?

“All my flowers grew back as thorns
Windows boarded back up after the storm
He built a fire just to keep me warm”

Remember in “Clean” when the flowers died of thirst, and the sky turned black like a perfect storm and the rain came pouring down AND she punched a hole in the roof to let the flood carry away all the pictures of him? Taylor was clean, she wasn’t going to risk it… the flowers grew back with thorns, (she got a little stronger, got a little harder) and now she’s rebuilt what was torn down. She wasn’t completely whole, boarded up windows aren’t new and secure windows, but still, she had someone there to make the best of it. To make her feel safe and loved and do everything he could to help her trust and love again.

“All the drama queens taking swings
All the jokers dressing up as kings
They fade to nothing when I look at him”

These are really great lines. They are so accurate and even after this song came out, the media and others still continued to attack her. They are still taking their swings. And those people who are rude and unkind make themselves look so important, but again, all of that doesn’t affect her because she’s in a wonderful place right now, with her man who makes her so happy. That is love!

“And I know I make the same mistakes every time
Bridges burn, I never learn
At least I did one thing right, I did one thing right”

Personally, I love these verses because they can be taken from their original meaning and applied to so many situations. While here, Swift can be talking about past relationships as well as friendships. I know I’ve personally made the same mistakes over and over with friends that have pushed people away. Here she is talking about those mistakes, about no longer having contact with those people she’s hurt and who have hurt her, but she did one thing right, which is him! He makes everything better. She got this relationship right. So even though she has lost so much, she has also gained everything.

“I’m laughing with my lover
Making forts under covers
Trust him like a brother
Yeah you know I did one thing right
Starry eyes sparking up my darkest night”

Doesn’t it sound like they have the best time together? That, ultimately is what makes a lasting relationship. Someone you can be a complete goofball with, someone you trust more than anyone in the world, someone who makes you laugh and still gives you butterflies.

I want to wear his initial on a chain around my neck
Chain round my neck
Not because he owns me
But ’cause he really knows me

These lines are especially cute because Swift has been wearing a necklace since last year with the initial “J” on it. She’s so proud to be his girl, in a completely nonposessive way. He gets her.


I recall late November
Holding my breath, slowly I said “you don’t need to save me
But would you run away with me?”

Last November was also the last time we really saw Swift out in about, not hiding behind an umbrella or ducking from the cameras. Knowing her life, and how documented it was, she probably asked Joe Alwyn, if he would be her lover away from the limelight. He didn’t care, he wasn’t seeking attention, he just wanted to be with her. The media didn’t find out about the relationship for at least 6 months, allowing them to really get to know each other away from the headlines.

It looks like she found her Romeo after all and maybe the next one saying “Yes” will be her.” 🙂

Fun fact in Swift’s hit song “Love Story” has a secret code spelled out in the lyrics that say “Someday I’ll find this.” While she sings lines like “Romeo save me, I’ve been feeling so alone.” “Take me somewhere we can be alone, I’ll be waiting, all there’s left to do is run” “It’s a love story, baby just say yes.”

Now she’s found it and she’s truly happy and ultimately that’s what really matters.

Swift shared a personal video of her singing the song on social media! Check it out!