Taylor Swift Went To Target To Buy Her Album and Surprised Tons of Fans!

Imagine going to Target for toothpaste and running into Taylor Swift! That’s what happened Tuesday when Swift and her background singers, The Starlights (Melanie Nyema, Kamilah Marshall, Eliotte Nicole and Clare Turton Derrico) went to the store to purchase her new album Reputation.

Swift documented the whole thing on her Instagram story! Watch below:

Swift met fans who were able to meet her for the first time and who just happened to be going to Target at the same time!! Some fans showed her pictures of them together when they were in elementary school and now they are all grown up! It’s a beautiful thing!! Swift even facetimed fans!

The Starlights also posted videos of the trip as well and afterwards they all went out to celebrate Melanie’s birthday! Check out the videos and pictures below! It sure seemed like the most amazing Target trip ever!! Also we are fully living for Taylor wearing her own merch and using her phone case she sells on her site!


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