Why Taylor Swift’s “Delicate” Music Video is Her Best Yet!

Taylor Swift‘s reputation has never been worse, but she’s never been better. Swift recently dropped the music video for “Delicate” the 5th track off her album Reputation. It’s also the most vulnerable song on the album, isn’t it?

You’ll hear many things about the video from naysayers who always try to tear her down, thus enter the first scene of the video. Swift is lost in her mind, not smiling or seemingly happy, but then proceeds to do an interview where she shows the camera all is well. That’s not to say that everything about being in the spotlight is bad. But at this point, she’s probably had enough, which is why she hasn’t been in the media for a very long time. It’s draining and no matter what she does, everything always gets twisted and turned to suit someone else.



You see, the media attention isn’t necessary for Swift to do well. She already set records with her latest album Reputation which sold over a million copies its first week. She broke the YouTube record and she is out there, not delivering one single interview but living her life and this video is a perfect example of that.


Swift receives a magical note, and we can assume it says “Dive bar on the east side where you at? Come here, you can meet me in the back.” We then see her walking through a lobby and everyone is staring at her but they can’t get near her because she is surrounded by four bodyguards. This is what her life has become, because as we see next, when she does get up close and personal, taking pictures with fans, she gets attacked by a crazy person.


So in her life she has to try to go about daily tasks at a distance from everybody else. Even her bodyguards are in sync with her, when she takes a step back or forward. Imagine that kind of loneliness. Sure, you’re on top of the world, but no one else is able to be around you. That is where the sad, vulnerable part of this song is seen in this video. The song in its entirety is vulnerable, opening yourself up to someone new, but the video (as a lot of videos do) show that in a different way. In the “Delicate” music video, we get a glimpse of her vulnerability and the safeguards she uses until she realizes that she has become invisible. (Note, I don’t think her becoming invisible symbolizes that she doesn’t matter anymore, but rather what her life can be like outside of the public eye). No one can see her. Not even her bodyguards. So she throws off her heels and dances around the town, she even dances in the rain, in her best dress “Fearless.”


Say what you want about Swift’s dance moves, they were fun and quirky and had personality just like her. She’s not putting out an audition tape and she’s not trying to prove anything, except that she’s living her best carefree life.



At the end (spoiler alert!), she’s able to escape to that Dive Bar, and she’s back in the real world again. She’s visible (with her sparkling note and all) , but it doesn’t matter, because she doesn’t see anything else but him. It’s safe to assume, he made her a drink. 🙂



So if you want to get a glimpse of the real Taylor, when the cameras have stopped rolling, check out her latest music video for “Delicate”” and see why you can like her for her.



Bonus! Swift shared rehearsal videos which you can watch below!

Also, see if you can spot the references in the video with graffiti:

Track 5, Reputation, It’s Delicate, Echos of your footsteps.

Also, can you see Joe’s Deli? 😉


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