Hawaiian Country Artist, JoLivi Releases Soulful New Single “Vinyl” -Listen!

Recently, I turned the radio to a Country station and someone asked “Are you listening to Country?” Then proceeded to say how annoyed she got because of all these people who listen to Country Music and have never even been on a horse. I’m not sure what riding a horse has to do with liking an entire genre of music, but it just goes to show that you don’t have to meet a specific mold to enjoy what Country Music has to offer.

Hawaiian native, JoLivi would probably agree! There probably isn’t a whole lot of Country influence on the islands, but that hasn’t stopped her from resonating with the music and turning it into a career. JoLivi wants to make music for everyone and for every occasion. Her soulful new single “Vinyl” (written and produced by Mark McKee),  is playful and has all the makings of a hit song. Her vocals are strong, the beat is catchy and the song is carefree and relatable.

JoLivi told Variety Beat about the inspiration behind the song:

‘“Vinyl” is about experiencing moments that are classic and unfiltered.  There is something romantic about a jukebox and watching a record physically play on the turntable.  Also, just having fun.. leaving all your worries behind and getting lost in time.”


“Play me like a Vinyl

Get it on like I’m out of tune

Then flip me over if you want to play side two

Oh spin me around, yeah you love the sound

Of the jukebox stereo coming in loud

I’m vinyl, let your needle touch my groove.”



Get “Vinyl” on itunes.

About JoLivi
Born and raised in the Hawaii Islands, JoLivi’s love for country music started at a young age. While some may not correlate country music and the aloha state, the rural landscapes and laid-back lifestyle emulate everything we love about the genre. JoLivi caught the music bug at a young age and quickly began singing wherever she had a chance. After graduating with a Theatre degree from Colorado State, JoLivi decided it was time to make the move to LA to pursue her music career full time.
While in LA, Jo Livi had the opportunity to open for artists including Andy Grammar, Gavin DeGraw, Lindsey Stirling and more alongside the release of four singles garnering more than 670K views on YouTube and 20K streams on Spotify. Her vocal chops turned critics heads with Perez Hilton stating she possessed ‘star potential’ and alt radio stations around the US spinning her singles.
Now residing in Nashville and working closely with Johnny Garcia (Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood), JoLivi has released two country singles “Take a Shot” and “Crooked Crown” with the music video for “Crooked Crown” in regular rotation on The Country Network. With ‘the contemporary appeal of Maren Morris, vocal strength and uniqueness of Melissa Etheridge and the grit of Bonnie Rait’ (Country Music Tattle Tale), JoLivi is gearing up to release her brand new single entitled “Vinyl” on March 9th.

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