Keep Your Heart Open

Keep Your Heart Open

I woke up this morning hoping it was all a bad dream
I know it’s real by the tears that continuously stream.
The worst thing imaginable is now my reality
“I’m sorry” didn’t matter, it’s simply a deaf plea.
I asked for forgiveness, but received none
Now my presence, is one you must shun.
I work through these feelings, so that I might heal
One day it won’t be so hard to feel what I feel.
I’m working through the grief and what came to an end
I know in my heart, there is nothing left to mend.
Shattered and broken, not meant to be
Yet I won’t forget what you’ve given to me.
A new found perspective, areas in which to grow
Maintaining boundaries, friendships to forgo.
I can still be blessed by someone’s existence,
Appreciate and respect them from a distance.
Not everyone is meant to be a permanent part of my life
Emotions need to be kept in check and not run rife.
I cannot look to people to provide more to me than allowed
I don’t need their approval, of myself, I must be proud.
I can be a blessing to them, without going over the top
I must set limits for myself and know when to stop.
It will always be hard not to matter to someone you care for
Yet there is always someone waiting, who will love you more.
Trust for whatever reason, that it wasn’t meant to last
Try to move forward and leave that relationship in the past.
Don’t change who you are, just who you cling to
There are others around who will see you through.
Keep your heart open, others love you for who you are
Learn from this heartbreak, don’t let it leave a scar.

~ Jennifer R.W. Vargas

May 2020

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