Kelleigh Bannen Rocked Party For A Cause, Relive With Photos And Videos


If you’ve been following this site for the last few years, you will know that over at Variety Beat, we are huge Kelleigh Bannen fans! It was so exciting to see Bannen perform at ACM Party For A Cause! Bannen was the very first performer of the festival and she set the tone right away with a song called “Welcome To The Party,” which was very fitting!

I do have to say, being in the front for the performance, made the sound quality a little off, but for those die hard fans who need a taste of new music, we have you covered! Keep reading for more videos and photo galleries!

Kelleigh Bannen Photo Gallery

Bannen also debuted some new songs and did a cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Drink You Away.”

Nine hours to the closest beach? That sounds terrible! Thankfully for those of us near water, we don’t have to worry about that! But this fun song about it being damn hot and being “Landlocked” sure is fun!

Bannen also performed a couple of her past singles including “Smoke When I Drink” and she closed with “Famous.” Of course we were too busy dancing to record any of that! Don’t worry, we did get a video of a new song called “All Good Things.” Bannen will hopefully be able to tell us about some “good things” happening in her life, music wise soon!

It was a great day as we got to start and end our day with Bannen! Headliner, Carrie Underwood (gallery coming soon), brought out Bannen along with Lauren Alaina, Kellie Pickler and Jana Kramer to sing her hit song “Before He Cheats.”

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So amazing!

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It was so kind of Underwood to invite all the performers that day back onto the stage! Girl power!

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Camera Phone Quality Photo Gallery

You can catch Kelleigh Bannen on the 3 Girls Rock Into A Bar tour with Natalie Stovall and Ruthie Collins. Additionally, you can follow her blog at This Nashville Life to get a taste on what the industry is really like, her take on fashion, glam and fitness.

You should also follow her on snapchat @kelleigh_bannen

Found myself on there!

One day of seeing my fav was also not enough so we got to catch up the following day for a little bit! It’s so wonderful to find people so down to earth and genuine! That’s what connects us to each other!

Bannen also attended the 51st Annual ACM Awards and we ran into each other again! BFF status!

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  Until next time! 😘

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