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Mags Duval Shows Strength in Vulnerability in New Single “Cinnamon Gum.”

19-year-old Pop Singer/Songwriter, Mags Duval has been writings songs since she was 9-years-old. Now a resident of Nashville, her songwriting has lead to her working with incredible talented producers like GRAMMY winner Luke Laird (Kacey Musgraves, Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Little Big Town, Eric Church, Tim McGraw) and John Hill (Eminem, Shakira, Snoop Lion, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Wu-Tang Clan, Jay Z).

So sweet, so strong like…

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Listening to her new music, you wouldn’t guess Duval is a teenager, in fact she shows a lot of longevity as her music is hauntingly beautiful. Her latest single, “Cinnamon Gum” takes us through the emotions of missing someone you’ve long since broken up with, but can’t seem to stop forgetting about them.

Summer’s come and gone a couple times / And they don’t play that same song on the radio / There’s still a piece of you I keep wrapped up in my mind / It starts out subtle / Blowing bubbles / Baby, you’re in the air

Duval says of the single: “There is strength in vulnerability. I don’t think you have to act like everything’s okay to be strong.”

T O M O R R O W #CinnamonGum 🖤

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Duval writes songs to have an outlet for her feelings. “When I’m feeling something and don’t think there is a song I can jam out to, to get me over it, I think, ‘Okay. I guess I need to write one. Because if I’m feeling this way, chances are there’s someone out there who’s feeling this too.’”



She hopes her songs will be able to help others connect to their feelings and feel understood. “I feel so fortunate to be able to have my songs as an outlet for my life, my feelings. To be able to give that to people––to provide an escape, help them feel understood and like they’re not alone. That’s what I want to do with my music.”


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Canadian Pop Artist, Nancy Love Releases “Your Body” Music Video – Watch!

Canadian Pop Artist, Nancy Love has just released the “Your Body” music video in time for the new year! Love has appeared on CBC’s hit show Dragon’s Den, is a Spokeswoman for the Cancer Recovery Foundation of Canada; a Spokeswoman for the Norristown Project- a community development goodwill program in Philadelphia; and won a contest to travel from Canada to Portugal to sing at the FIFA Euro Cup 2012!

HELLO 2017! I welcome you with open arms, hit me with your best shot. I am ready! 🎉🎈

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Speaking to Variety Beat about “Your Body,” Love said:

“Your Body” is a high energy song that everyone will instantly want to dance to and feel good about. It’s about having fun, dancing the night away and feeling super energized! I feel there should be more songs out there that give you that fun and exciting feeling inside and that was my purpose with this song. I want people to really jam and dance around with this song, I just love the idea of knowing that one of my songs got you up on your feet and dancing all over the place. It brings positive and happy vibes and just knowing that it got someone to dance and feel good about it makes me happy!

So thankful for these people! They made my music video experience amazing! 🎉 Link in bio!!!

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Upcoming Pop Artist Isabella Releases Debut Single “Olé” – Watch!

Upcoming pop artist Isabella has just recently released her debut single, “Olé,” along with the music video. Born as Kelly Isabelle Chiappini, Isabella is a Puerto Rican/French singer and songwriter, who currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Isabella’s style is an international sound, combining pop music with a Caribbean Latin flair, with lyrics in English, Spanish and French. In 2016, Isabella collaborated with Capital Records‘ artist, BJ The Chicago Kid, on the single “Love Inside” on his debut album. Isabella’s musical influences includes artists such as La LupeMariah CareyRicky Martin, and Juan Luis Guerra. Isabella is a graduate of the Lycée International and has also attended the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Colburn School of Performing Arts. This has led Isabella to realize that music is her passion and lead to the release of her debut song, “Olé.”


“Olé,” is the lead single from Isabella’s upcoming untitled EP that is slated to be released in 2017. The song tells the story of a king who is willing to sacrifice everything for the love of the world. It is influenced by gypsy culture and flamenco in southern Spain. The percussion reflects the sounds of Puerto Rico, the diversity of the culture and Isabella’s musical influences. Isabella told Variety Beat:

“Olé is very personal to me as it is about true and everlasting love. It symbolizes a love story between a king and a young woman. It also means more to me than a relationship between two people who deeply love one another; it is a reflection of the past and what will happen in the future because of this love.”

Along with the single, Isabella has released a music video to compliment the song. Isabella talks about the inspiration for the music video:

“Flamenco culture was the main inspiration for the video. I intended to use visuals that would reflect a modern, pop artist version of international Andalusian flamenco. The director and I worked together to have dynamic and colorful visuals that represented both the song’s storyline and myself as an artist.”

“Olé” will also be included on Isabella’s upcoming EP that will feature songs written from a place of passion, and is introspective of what it means to love. The central theme of the EP is everlasting love, with all the songs featuring reoccurring characters and anecdotes from Isabella’s personal life. Be sure to keep an eye out next year for the full EP!

Watch the Music Video Below!

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Olé – Single ISABELLA

Tiffany Houghton Releases Latest Single “I’m Gonna Love You” – Listen

Pop artist Tiffany Houghton has just released her latest single, “I’m Gonna Love You.” Houghton is a Dallas, Texas native who is now currently living in Los Angeles, California working hard at her future release. Back in 2014, Houghton was a special guest on MKTO‘s American Dream Tour where she got her first taste of major tour life. Since then, Houghton has released her debut EP, This Is Not an EP, back in December of 2014.

Following Houghton’s previous release “Catch Me If You Can,” which received significant airplay on Radio Disney, “I’m Gonna Love You” is a song about that first feeling you get after a first date. Houghton shared with Billboard the inspiration behind the song:

“After the shoot that day [for her Christmas-themed ‘Blame it on the Snow’ video], I went out with this guy my brother set me up with,” Houghton says. “Go big bro, because it was an amazing first date. Afterwards I was jotting down song ideas in the elevator before I even made it to my room.”

Houghton also shares:

“This song is the butterflies. It’s jumping off the cliff before you know anyone’s gonna catch you,” Houghton says. “It’s the delusional belief that the person you just met could be the love of your life.”

No matter what it takes… So grateful for the support, kind words and world premiere @billboard 🇬🇧

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“I’m Gonna Love You” will be one of those songs that will have you singing along in no time. Houghton’s voice brings something fresh to the pop scene with her charismatic personality that will instantly bring in new fans all around. Along with the upbeat chorus and Houghton’s undeniable raw talent, “I’m Gonna Love You” will be a song that many will be able to relate to:

If my heart breaks I’m gonna break you / If it’s just a game, I’m gonna break you / If it’s all the same, I’m gonna take you / No matter what it takes (x2) / If it’s just a touch, I’m gonna touch you / But baby if it’s love, I’m gonna love you   

Listen to “I’m Gonna Love You” Below!

The song’s lyrics dive into the mind of someone who just experienced a picture perfect first date and all the emotions that can arise from it. This emotions may include all the first date butterflies and the foresight into the future that this person may be the one. Houghton will go all in as long as the other person feels the same. Houghton will not waste her time if there is nothing more than just a fling and will stand her ground if things go awry. Something hopefully many people will also follow suit, know your worth. The song’s upbeat music and lyrics is the perfect soundtrack to a first date for better or for worse.

Overall, the song analyzes all of these feelings together and is stitches them to create the vision of the experience. Houghton’s voice will become the sound of your feelings to express them in a way that you may be unable to do.

Be sure to keep up with Houghton and keep an eye out for new music coming out in the near future!

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I’m Gonna Love You – Single by Tiffany Houghton

Watch the Music Video Below!

Shayla Souliere Shares The Inspiration Behind Her Song “Screw U”

Meet up and coming pop singer, Shayla Souliere, who is from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Back in 2012, she was accepted into a singing contest called “Edmonton Undiscovered,” It was there where Souliere found her true passion in life, music. In late 2013, she came into contact with Grammy-nominated producer/songwriter Alex Cantrall (he has produced/wrote for Beyonce, P!NK, Jojo and more). He took Souliere on as an artist and has been mentoring her ever since!


Flash forward to July 2015 when Souliere teamed up with director, Nayip Ramos, to shoot her music video for her latest single, “Screw U.” With the release of “Screw U” on her YouTube channel in December 2015, the song has gained some notable attention. “Screw U” landed Souliere radio play and interviews with some major radio stations including her hometown radio station, Z99 Regina. The song has also gained some exposure on the popular app, Musical.ly. There, many fans and even some major artists have created musical.ly’s to the song. “Screw U” is an energetic, catchy song that gives a big screw U to past relationships.

Screw U / Yeah you wanted me too / But you had your chance and you screwed it up / Screw U / Middle finger to you / Look around, everybody knows ya suck

Souliere talks about where the inspiration for the song came from:

“For my single “Screw U” I collaborated with my songwriting/production team Alex Cantrall, Jeff Hoeppner, and Rhett Fisher. We recorded this at ES Audio Recording Studio in Burbank, CA. We all sat in the studio and I mentioned to the guys that I had some friends going through issues with their boyfriends and that everyone goes through times in their life where they aren’t getting along with someone or someone’s really annoyed them. That was when we thought up the idea of “Screw U.”

“Screw U” is definitely a song that you do not want to be on the wrong end of. Keep an eye out for future releases from Souliere and for future covers that will be posted to her YouTube channel.