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Video: Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie Perform “ME!” on ‘The Voice’ Finale!

NBC The Voice

Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie are performing “ME!” all over the place! First it was the Billboard Music Awards in Vegas and now The Voice finale! There was glitz and glam all over as the dancers wore 60’s inspired ensemble, a sequence staircase and butterfly graced the stage and Swift herself wore a bedazzled flapper style jumper!

Instead of the lyrics “Hey kids! Spelling is fun!” The lyrics were changed to “Hey kids! Finales are fun! Swift’s backup singers aka The Starlights, Melanie Nyema, Kamilah Marshall, Eliotte Nicole and Jeslyn also performed. Along with a handful of the dancers that were on the Reputation Tour including Gracie Stewart, Grant Gilmore, Robert Green, Steph Mincone and Nadine Olmo

Check out the performance below!

Taylor Swift Tells Ellen the Most Rebellious Thing She Did as a Teenager and it Involves Joe Jonas!

Taylor Swift sat down for her first TV interview with Ellen Degeneres in four years (she’s still recovering from her fall, she jokes)! She has not been on the show since the 1989 Era! If you were hoping for details about her upcoming album, which still remains unnamed, there won’t be any news spilled! However, Taylor did say she left another easter egg in their interview!

Check out the first video below and see the worst guess fans have come up with for the new album!

They discussed shaving their legs in the shower and the music video for “ME!” with Brendon Urie and her new kitten Benjamin Button! Swift even speaks some French in the clip below!

Ellen spoke to Swift more about her cats where Swift refers to Olivia as her “middle child.” They also talk about Swift starring in the upcoming film adaption of the Broadway Musical Cats. She also reveals she is finished with the album unless she writes something else and then she would “probably just throw it on there!” We also find out Ellen is going to be in her next Music Video?!? Ellen ends this clip with “when we come back, she’s going to talk all about her boyfriend.” LOL

Next up is the final segment where Swift and Ellen play a round of ‘Burning Questions.’ Ellen tries to find out the title and some lyrics of Swift’s next single, along with her favorite TV Show and movie. We did get some interesting facts about the most rebellious thing Swift has ever done as a teenager! She told Ellen it had to do with Joe Jonas and they laugh about it now! Watch below!

Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie Stole the Show at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards!

Embed from Getty Images

Taylor Swift has captured the headlines of all the media outlets following the Billboard Music Awards and she didn’t have to even win an award! That didn’t stop the superstar from having the best night, with a show-stopping performance on stage, to her dance moves in the audience, Swift was definitely living her best life. From the red carpet, to the epic opening performance, to all that dancing in the aisle, there is just so much to talk about, so let’s hop right to it.

Embed from Getty Images

First up, let’s talk about that red carpet dress. Swift looked stunning in a light purple/lilac/lavender mini dress with ruffles for days. She is really sticking with the pastel theme for this era and we are totally here for it! Purple is a color we don’t see Swift wear a lot of and it was nice to see her switch it up a bit. Of course she looked amazing, but honestly, doesn’t she look amazing in anything?

Embed from Getty Images

During the red carpet show, broadcasted on E!, Swift answered questions that had been sent in via video from fans. Listen below to see how Meredith and Olivia are getting along with Benjamin. She also answered a question about her favorite part of filming the “ME!” music video.

Before the Billboard Awards started, some performers from Swift’s performance shared photos on Instagram of the set and their costumes. One performer, Chris Amezquita, shared a photo of him and Swift saying that there would be 50 drummers in the performance. 50!!! For an award show performance! Oh My Swift! And all those colored lampposts are amazing!

Another performer, Amanda Cleghorn, also posted a photo with Swift. Mega-fans of Swift may remember Cleghorn from her days of performing on the RED Tour as a dancer! It’s so neat to see Swift go back to the people she has worked with time and time again.

The red carpet was a busy one for Swift as she took time to pose with fans and celebrities alike. Ingrid Michaelson shared this photo of her and Swift hanging out on the red carpet. The best part of award shows are all the pictures of celebrities together.

Swift also took a little time to fan-girl herself. She spotted Paula Abdul on the red carpet and had to get a picture. This wasn’t just a photo of the two them, however. The cats had to get involved, although this did raise the question of what happened to Meredith? Is Benjamin replacing her? Was she in one of her “moods” and refusing to be photographed?

Fans didn’t have to wonder long if Meredith was in the building or not. Swift took to Instagram Stories to share a video of Olivia playing with a sweater. However, that is not what it is important here. What is important is that Meredith can be spotted in the back of the video, simply looking out the window! Isn’t it adorable that Swift brings all her cats with her to an award show? Too bad they can’t sit in the audience!

Taylor Swift hanging with Meredith and Olivia at the Billboard Music Awards via Swift’s Instagram Stories

By now, it was 8 pm and time to get the show on the road. Up first was Swift, with a performance that set the bar really high for all the performers yet to come. As TIME Magazine put it, “If it’s possible to steal the show that you are opening, Swift pulled it off.” Just look at this entrance! The 50 drummers that joined Swift on stage also made their way into the audience and up the aisles. Not only did Swift take over the entire stage, she also took over the entire arena!

Embed from Getty Images

Swift was joined on stage by her “ME!” partner, Brendon Urie. He made his grand entrance by floating down on an umbrella. Mary Poppins, anyone?

It’s unclear if there are any hidden clues in this performance. However, knowing Swift, there has to be something, somewhere. Several fans speculated that this scene had to mean something. First, it appears in the “ME!” video and now it it is in the performance. What can these briefcases actually mean? In the video there were seven, which seemed more like a hint of some kind. Here there are more, so who knows if it means something or not. Hopefully an answer is revealed soon!

This performance was one for the record books. The costumes, the set design, the choreography, the entire thing was a masterpiece. There were people hanging from the ceiling with umbrellas, fireworks, confetti, it truly was a performance of epic proportions! Perhaps the biggest clue Swift is giving us about this performance is that this could be an early look at what we can expect from the upcoming tour every night. Can you imagine actually getting to witness this spectacle live? It’s been on repeat since last night!

In true Swift form, she even changed up the lyrics a bit. Instead of saying “Hey kids, spelling is fun” she changed it up and said, “Hey kids, VEGAS is fun!” Fitting since the show was held at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas. Could this be another hint of what is to come on tour? Perhaps she will insert the name of the city she is in every night. Always thinking of fun ways to customize each show! Swift and Urie then each introduced themselves and then Taylor said, “Welcome to the Billboard Music Awards!”

Embed from Getty Images

Now, let’s take a moment and talk about that ending! Swift loves to fly over the crowd and this performance wasn’t any different. Swift and Urie spent the last part of the performance flying over the crowd under a giant umbrella! What an excellent form of transportation! All we can say is that we hope this becomes a staple on her upcoming tour! She actually thinks of everything and doesn’t leave a detail out. I mean, that’s a lot of work to go into one performance and we are dying to see it live!

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

The performance had everyone up on their feet and dancing along! Even Joe Jonas can be seen bopping his head along to the beat. Some were even spotted taking photos of the performance! What a fun way to get the show started! Happen to miss the performance and want to see more? Simply want to re-watch it for the 13th time? You’re in luck: the video is right below.

Can we stop for a moment and just appreciate Swift’s outfit?

Embed from Getty Images

And how about those shoes? Look at those sparkles on the toe and heel! She better bring these on tour with her! Urie is looking great too in that Tye-dye/flower suit and pink boots!

Embed from Getty Images

Although Swift’s performance was over for the night and she wouldn’t win any awards, (she was up for two, Top Female Artist and Top Touring Artist) it didn’t stop her from having a great night and enjoying the other performances and taking the opportunity to get some photos with others in attendance, fans and celebrities alike. Swift posed for pictures with Halsey, as well as Jennifer Hudson, her co-star in the upcoming Cats adaptation out later this year.

Embed from Getty Images

Swift, who was seated next to Urie, also took time for some photo-ops with him. You could say she was excited!

Embed from Getty Images

Now, how about some of those dancing gifs of Swift we all live for during and after award shows?! We all know those are the best part of the show! Feel free to enjoy these as much as your heart desires.

Exhibit One:

Exhibit Two:

Exhibit Three:

Exhibit Four:

Exhibit Five: She may not be dancing but she sure is excited!

Mariah Carey was honored with the Billboard Icon Award last night and at least one person in the audience was happy about this decision. Swift was shown in the audience several times singing along with her performance and basically having the time of her life.

Carey sang a medley of her biggest hits and during her last song, “Hero”, Swift could be seen getting emotional while singing along. It was a moment for sure.

Once Carey was finished and before accepting her award, Swift is shown in the audience yelling, “I LOVE YOU” to the star.

It appears the feelings may be mutual because Carey shared this tweet today thanking Swift:

It sure seems like Swift had the time of her life! It brings hope to see that Swift is truly back and that award shows can be fun again. Be honest, you really only watch to see Swift dancing in her seat. She actually is the biggest fan, of everyone. Always supporting and cheering for everyone!

Swift ended the night by making a post sharing how exciting the night was and that for the first time ever she would be releasing live rehearsal audio from the show on vinyl, CD, and digital.

And from Swifties everywhere, Taylor, all I can say is:

Taylor Swift Drops Three New Videos. More Album Clues?!

Taylor Swift surprised fans with three new videos today, and let’s just say she did not disappoint. The videos she released today are the vertical video for “ME!” that plays exclusively on Spotify, the lyric video for “ME!” and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the beginning of the “ME!” video where Swift and Brendon Urie are speaking French.

The surprise videos started rolling in last night when Swift dropped the vertical video for “ME!” late last night showing footage of her and Urie practicing for the Billboard Music Awards and the world premiere performance of “ME!”, which will open the show tonight at 8 pm EST on NBC. Check out the video on Spotify to get an early glimpse of the performance. It sure looks like it is going to be a colorful performance. According to Access Hollywood, this could be one of biggest performances EVER!!

The vertical video for “ME!” featuring rehearsal footage for the #BBMAs

The second surprise video of the day was behind-the-scenes footage at the making of the official “ME!” video. This video gave fans an inside look at Swift and Urie at the beginning of the video when they are speaking French. It’s hard to say what happened more: Swift practicing French or laughing. Swift posted the video with the caption: “Ah, French…the language of love.” Many fans think this could be another clue about a second single or album name since Swift has already since the French at the beginning of the video is significant in someway. You may even see two cute felines that put the “ME!” in ME-ow!

Fans have been practicing their French accents and the proper pronunciation of “Je Suis Calme.” Practice up, Swifties, this is the new 1, 2, 3, Let’s go B…. of this era.

The final video Swift released today was the lyric video for “ME!” and it is s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g. The colors used bring in a lot of the colors and themes that have been used throughout this new TS7 era so far. Side note: Will we ever get to stop calling it that? Check out Swift’s tweet announcing the video below!

Swift is totally right when she mentions GLITTER because there is plenty of it in the video, plus her hand-written lyrics. And doodles, plenty of doodles! One fan even pointed how how Swift draws a cat at one point, putting a ME in the whiskers!

There are also two instances when the word “Lover” is used, both times it is capitalized. Is this another clue? Perhaps the name of the next single. It has already shown up in the official “ME!” video. Only time will tell which theories were correct, and which were totally off. Swift seems to be taking her sweet time and basking in the moment of torturing us with withholding valuable information. In the meantime, we have all these videos to watch and analyze and don’t forget her big show-stopping (or starting) performance at the #BBMAs tonight!