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Taylor Swift Tells Ellen the Most Rebellious Thing She Did as a Teenager and it Involves Joe Jonas!

Taylor Swift sat down for her first TV interview with Ellen Degeneres in four years (she’s still recovering from her fall, she jokes)! She has not been on the show since the 1989 Era! If you were hoping for details about her upcoming album, which still remains unnamed, there won’t be any news spilled! However, Taylor did say she left another easter egg in their interview!

Check out the first video below and see the worst guess fans have come up with for the new album!

They discussed shaving their legs in the shower and the music video for “ME!” with Brendon Urie and her new kitten Benjamin Button! Swift even speaks some French in the clip below!

Ellen spoke to Swift more about her cats where Swift refers to Olivia as her “middle child.” They also talk about Swift starring in the upcoming film adaption of the Broadway Musical Cats. She also reveals she is finished with the album unless she writes something else and then she would “probably just throw it on there!” We also find out Ellen is going to be in her next Music Video?!? Ellen ends this clip with “when we come back, she’s going to talk all about her boyfriend.” LOL

Next up is the final segment where Swift and Ellen play a round of ‘Burning Questions.’ Ellen tries to find out the title and some lyrics of Swift’s next single, along with her favorite TV Show and movie. We did get some interesting facts about the most rebellious thing Swift has ever done as a teenager! She told Ellen it had to do with Joe Jonas and they laugh about it now! Watch below!

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