Get to Know Canadian Country Artist Shae Dupuy!

Canadian Country Artist, Shae Dupuy recently released her latest single “Black and White” and has an EP coming out soon! Hailing from Canada, where she saw success an a young age, Dupuy has since moved to Nashville, immersing herself in the country music world and writing with the town’s talented songwriters.

“Black and White” was co-written with Kyle Rife and Jeremy Bussey (who has written countless hits and one of our favorite songs, “You Make it Look So Good” – Thompson Square). The song was inspired by a break-up that did not have the closure needed to move on from the relationship. Sometimes people just grow apart and there is no big fight or disagreement, so it can be hard to move on. Dupuy explains more on that in our interview! Take a listen to the song and read on to find out more about this talented singer/songwriter.

Hi Shae! Thank you so much for taking the time to discuss your music and let our readers learn more about you. You started singing and playing guitar at a young age, what drew you to music? Were there particular artists you listened to that inspired you at that age?

Around 8 years old, I started learning guitar, but I’ve been singing since I could talk! My grandpa used to watch me as a little girl when my parents would work and he was the musician in my life that really started my love of music and country music. 

You gathered attention in Canada, where you’re from and earned nominations for multiple award shows there. It seems like Canada really loved Country Music, how was it starting your career there?

I wouldn’t trade my start in Canada or the people I met and helped my career and growth for anything! The community is so talented and special and really feels like a family, starting a career in that environment makes all the difference. 

You’ve since moved to Nashville, what inspired your decision to move there and how have you enjoyed your time there thus far?

I love Nashville and I love my friends and community I’m a part of. I’m always looking for new ways to grow and push myself. Having been down to Nashville multiple times for writing trips, I knew moving here would mean I was surrounding myself with the best of the best and that would push me to be better. 

Have you been inspired to write during this time of lockdown? It seems like the perfect time to just sit, be still and hopefully be inspired.

As a writer who thrives off of the connection with co-writers, writing through zoom has been really tough! It feels impersonal doing it through a computer screen. I’m a writer and artist who likes to write about all the messy parts of life and I’ve actually found it a little harder to write during this time because this pandemic doesn’t feel like real life. 

You just released your song “Black and White” can you tell us more about what inspired the song and how a lack of closure can be difficult?

“Black and White” for me, was trying to work through a breakup where nothing went wrong. I find having something to blame makes things easier to get over after a breakup. When you miss them and you have a reason you can hold in your hands, you can remind yourself why it didn’t work. Without that, it’s just that much harder.

What else can you tell us about the music you have been working on and when we might be seeing more of it soon?

I can tell you there’s an EP on its way with one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written and another single coming out in the next couple of months!  

Now that everyone seems to have a little more free time, how do you enjoy filling your days?

I love hiking with my dog and reading! Most of my free time these days has been spent between those. 

What are you looking forward to doing most once the world starts getting back to normal 

Playing and going to a festival! I miss live music so much. 

Can you leave our readers and your fans with any encouraging words?

Trust in timing, everything happens on its own clock. 

More About Shae:

 On the day of Shae’s high school graduation, she launched her career with the release of her first single, “Grandpa’s Truck.” The single attracted the attention of CMT Canada, naming her ‘Fresh Face Artist’. Later that fall in 2016, she released her second studio EP, “Brave”, and garnered multiple nominations from the CMAO Awards for her songs, “Tin Man” and “Drink About It”. Soon after, Dupuy went on to earn in 2017, the CCMA nomination for ‘Interactive Artist of the Year’.

Following the success of her first two studio RPs, she moved south to Nashville, immersing herself in the city’s songwriting scene. It is here that Dupuy has written a catalog of songs for her next recording project, as well as songs for other artists. Her music displays cultured vocal expression, storytelling, and a strong sense of identity and conviction, both as an artist and as a person.

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