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Taylor Swift Drops Three New Videos. More Album Clues?!

Taylor Swift surprised fans with three new videos today, and let’s just say she did not disappoint. The videos she released today are the vertical video for “ME!” that plays exclusively on Spotify, the lyric video for “ME!” and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the beginning of the “ME!” video where Swift and Brendon Urie are speaking French.

The surprise videos started rolling in last night when Swift dropped the vertical video for “ME!” late last night showing footage of her and Urie practicing for the Billboard Music Awards and the world premiere performance of “ME!”, which will open the show tonight at 8 pm EST on NBC. Check out the video on Spotify to get an early glimpse of the performance. It sure looks like it is going to be a colorful performance. According to Access Hollywood, this could be one of biggest performances EVER!!

The vertical video for “ME!” featuring rehearsal footage for the #BBMAs

The second surprise video of the day was behind-the-scenes footage at the making of the official “ME!” video. This video gave fans an inside look at Swift and Urie at the beginning of the video when they are speaking French. It’s hard to say what happened more: Swift practicing French or laughing. Swift posted the video with the caption: “Ah, French…the language of love.” Many fans think this could be another clue about a second single or album name since Swift has already since the French at the beginning of the video is significant in someway. You may even see two cute felines that put the “ME!” in ME-ow!

Fans have been practicing their French accents and the proper pronunciation of “Je Suis Calme.” Practice up, Swifties, this is the new 1, 2, 3, Let’s go B…. of this era.

The final video Swift released today was the lyric video for “ME!” and it is s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g. The colors used bring in a lot of the colors and themes that have been used throughout this new TS7 era so far. Side note: Will we ever get to stop calling it that? Check out Swift’s tweet announcing the video below!

Swift is totally right when she mentions GLITTER because there is plenty of it in the video, plus her hand-written lyrics. And doodles, plenty of doodles! One fan even pointed how how Swift draws a cat at one point, putting a ME in the whiskers!

There are also two instances when the word “Lover” is used, both times it is capitalized. Is this another clue? Perhaps the name of the next single. It has already shown up in the official “ME!” video. Only time will tell which theories were correct, and which were totally off. Swift seems to be taking her sweet time and basking in the moment of torturing us with withholding valuable information. In the meantime, we have all these videos to watch and analyze and don’t forget her big show-stopping (or starting) performance at the #BBMAs tonight!

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