Smithfield Is Fine Like Wine on New Single “When You’re Gone” – Listen!

The wonderful part about Country Duo, Smithfield is that they are comprised of both a male and female. There is something so powerful about having both a male and female voice in a song. There’s chemistry and harmony and that offers a lot more than the many solo artists out there right now.

Smithfield’s vocals blend smoothly and flow over each other like butter on warm biscuits. Their new single “When You’re Gone” is no exception.


Check out the lyrics below and listen to the new single!

You’re as fine as the wine that you’ve been sipping on
When your hair’s down and you’re dancing around to every song
I love what you do when you’ve had too many
Hard to believe that you’re coming home with me
This drink ain’t the only thing that’s coming on strong
You get me going when you’re gone
Girl, you get me going when you’re gone



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