Exclusive: Listen to Luke Underhill’s EP ‘The Left Side’ Before It’s Release!

Pop Music is noticeably lacking in true depth from singer/songwriters in today’s music industry. Ed Sheeran blasted onto the scene with a little help from Taylor Swift to pave the way for him here in the USA when she took him on The Red Tour. He has become one of the biggest artists of today, selling massive records and he can play to stadiums with a single guitar and heartfelt lyrics. While he might seem like a phenomenon, there are other gems, just like him, waiting to be found.

Enter Luke Underhill, the 21-year-old Chicago Based singer/songwriter has a sound and a vision that’s unlike the other music in the Pop industry right now. His EP The Left Side allows listeners to dance to the music, while also receiving lyrics that mean something. They aren’t words that just sound fun, or little one liner phrases tied together set to a hip beat. The industry is changing and it needs artists like Underhill to give back quality music. Music that not only lets you feel good but taps into emotions. We need more strong male artists to be the voice of today’s generation.


Luke Underhill shared the excitement about his EP The Left Side with Variety Beat:

 Working on this album was unlike any other. I’ve done projects in the past, but that’s all they ever were; projects. This album was nothing less than an experience. As I was writing for this album, I knew from the beginning that it would be different than anything else I’ve done so far. I had big plans from the start. A different sound, a different feel, a different point of view in every way. None of it could have been achieved without the magic that is Mikal Blue and everyone at Revolver Studios. From my first day arriving at that studio, it immediately felt like home. Mikal Blue captured my sound and the feel I wanted just by getting to know who I was as a person, and who I was influenced by. He’s absolutely outstanding at what he does, and I’ve never been so comfortable with anyone as I was with Mikal and the Revolver team. 



The new release follows two self-released projects in 2015, “Atlas” and “Atlas Unplugged,” along with a self-produced single in 2016, “Too Good for Me.” The future proves to be bright for this budding star and he prepares for the August 18th release of his upcoming Revolver Recordings EP, The Left Side. The lead off track, “I’ll Be Waiting,” is available now on iTunes and all digital streaming services.


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