A Wonderful Place

A Wonderful Place
Imagine a world where you could have anything you wanted,
What would it be? Would you wish for fame and glory?
Would you want the ultimate success or just to be content?
Do you know what I would wish for? You will soon see.
I imagine a world with no pain, everything goes smoothly.
What would that be like? Does such a place exist?
A place where all the answers are known but still intriguing.
I know of this place and can share it with you.
It’s a place that knows no darkness, nor ever will
Pain does not exist, nor do days of sadness occur.
Time? What is a minute or an hour, this place knows not.
These things on earth would be foreign,
If they existed we would not need a God.
If this place were on earth, we would not need a Heaven.
There would be no hope of someday seeing something better.
So I tell you of this place where we can always be together.
Time apart on earth can be hard, but it never lasts forever.
Earth is filled with disappointments but also little blessings.
Blessings are little glimpses of what we will one day encounter.
We pray to see more of them, to see bad times fade away,
So God gives us on earth what we need to make it through.
He sustains us through tough times as we pray for His guidance.
God will always be with us, it would be unbearable without Him.
I need His strength and His guidance, advice from others.
So I pray and ask of Him what I need and He sent me you.
I know of this place I told you, so in Christ we will be together.
~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas

March 16, 2005

For Courtney, who I was sad to see leave our work. I don’t recall if this was ever given, wrote another one after to give. Talking about heaven. We are still friends to this day. Age 17

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