A Worthy Life

A Worthy Life
For Christ lived a life that was worthy,
and never once stopped helping or rushed in a hurry.
He cared for the less fortunate and gave without receiving,
He stood up for what was right and He never stopped believing.
He came to earth but once and on a cross He was hung,
With His name left on our lips, that will forever be sung.
Never did he exclude or try to hide an empty seat,
Nor was ever hostile to the sinners he did meet.
When others cursed Him, He forgave,
When others laughed, He was brave.
When temptation was brought upon Him, never did He give in,
For the battle He fought for us, He was determined to win!
Brought into this world, helpless as can be,
Died on a cross, so that He could set us free.
Shunned on the cross and yet He spoke your name,
Hoping one day, you might do the same.
Proclaimed His name will be, to a world that needs to hear,
What God has in store for us and why we are held dear.
Never could we forget, the reason why He came,
To give up His life and to take all our blame.
So thank you Jesus for all that you have done,
And at least know that my heart was won.
Never go through life without knowing what is true,
That Jesus came to earth so that He might save you.
~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas

November 4, 2002

For Jesus Christ. Age 15

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