Maren Morris Shares Unreleased Song “Dear Hate”

It’s no secret that the last several weeks have been very tragic for America. Tributes have been popping up all over the place but one of the most powerful ones comes from Maren Morris in the form of an old demo! The demo entitled “Dear Hate” was posted to sound cloud by one of the writer’s daughter, Katherine Douglas. Her father Tom Douglas co-wrote the song with Morris and David Hodges.

Morris took to Twitter after the tragedy in Dallas to share her thoughts; the Texas native wrote “I know those streets. I know those lights. Dallas, I love you.”



The song was later shared and recounts tragedies of years past and then morphs into a song of unity and hope. It talks about the civil rights movement,  President Kennedy’s assassination, and 9/11 attacks.
In the end, one  line that stands out of the whole song is I hate to tell you / but love’s gonna conquer all. That one line pulls the whole song together and delivers the message that love can conquer hate every time!


Listen to the song below!

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