All the Reasons I Love You

All the Reasons I Love You
I love how much you love others, you barely even know,
I love how you encourage new believers so they can grow.
I love the sound of your voice and the smile on your face,
And how you bring about brightness to even the darkest place.
I love how you help others and have such a big heart,
How you help those on their feet, who didn’t have a good start.
I love your honestly and how sincere you truly are,
How you have reached others, who have seemed to stray so far.
Your selflessness that shines through to those who are blind,
And helps them to love God with all their heart, soul and mind.
I love your servant’s heart and willingness to serve,
And how much you care for those, who feel they don’t deserve.
Your comforting hugs that soothe and ease the soul,
Your words of encouragement, that makes a broken heart whole.
Your depth and understanding of God’s holy word,
And the importance of knowing, what’s beyond being heard.
I love you for more reasons than I could ever say,
And how my love grows with every passing day.
The joy I find in loving you is beyond what I could ask,
And growing with you in the Lord is my most precious task.
All the reasons I love you cannot be expressed in the simplest phrase,
Because everyday I love you in so many new and different ways.
Even when I miss you, I know that true love lasts and remains forever,
And for that very reason, I know that God will keep us together.
So even though I may not see you, each and every day,
You will always remain a part of me, for God always finds a way.

~ Jen Vargas

April 29, 2003

For Shannon, whose smile could brighten any day. Age 15

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