A Whispered Name

A Whispered Name
A name whispered throughout the wind longing to be heard,
A voice endeavoring to be found yet proclaimed with every word.
A faint prayer muttered along with the pandemonium of countless others,
The vanished voice struggles to discover, when it will be accompanied with another’s.
To be heard but not seen, to listen but to not have a clear conception,
To seek for the implementation of the precise answers and not having that perception.
To be lost in the blustery weather and not know which ending leads to where,
Feeling so alone and having not a soul with whom to be able to share.
 A call wailed throughout the systematic changes of the vast land,
And heard only by the Father who holds all the world in one hand.
Searching and seeking but never confident with what is discovered,
Wounded and scarred but never time enough to be recovered.
The world hears a cry but it never stops to take heed,
That maybe, possibly, another life could be in need.
That whispered name that went unnoticed has now been heard and spoken,
That voice that wanted to be found has now been awoken.
That prayer that was faint didn’t go unnoted,
That call that was cried was never demoted.
Those that were lost are no longer fighting in the darkness of the unjust,
Those that are alone have found someone who they can trust.
The darkness is no longer dark but has been brought into the light,
Those that couldn’t see by faith have been given sight.
To not only hear but to see and to have heard and have knowledge about,
All the great plans the Lord has for those who do not doubt.
So by faith one is saved and still another can see by that testimony of assurance,
And that by chance meeting has been finalized as a planned concurrence.
So whenever a name is whispered, it never goes unheard,
And God never fails to answer or hear every uttered word.
~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas

June 8, 2003

Age 15

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