‘The Math Poem’

That’s what I see when I look down
A bunch of mess all around.
I can’t say it was my best friend
The countless numbers never end.
I am being forced to take this class
I hope I can get out of it fast.
This may sound mean but it is very hard
I just don’t see math in my cards.
Jumbled up confusion makes my head spin
I feel like a loser, this battle I can’t win.
So hopefully soon I can say goodbye
I really don’t like math, I’m sorry I can’t lie.
I’m glad others do, we need to be taught
The more a teacher enjoys it, we can learn a lot.
Math isn’t for everyone, I don’t think it is for me
It won’t help what I do or what I want to be.
I am at a loss for words, I can’t say more
When one is closed, there’s always an open door.

~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas

November 2004

A silly poem about my dislike for Math before dropping out of Algebra II. Age 17

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