The Strength of the Bannenite

The Strength of the Bannenite

There are many beautiful flowers in the garden
Clay pots that can crack once they harden.
The sun and the soil help them to grow
Water seeps into their roots, so their petals will show.
Nature is in charge of the seasons; when they bloom
When put on display, they enhance every room.
Their petals will wilt without proper care
Tend to the garden and their beauty you will share.
When a rose bud blooms, there is no greater sight
It’s thorns proof, it’s prepared for the fight.
Behold the sunflower, that grows and stands so tall
No matter nature’s force, she will never fall.
Strong winds may come and the storms crash in
They’re more than “A summer thing til it goes out of fashion.”
The Bannenite is sturdy, can withstand more than you’d think
She doesn’t wilt in the sun, nor the water make her shrink.
Her leaves are radiant, she’s known for her hue
She doesn’t need much tending, she knows what to do.
You won’t need to dress her up with baby’s breath sprigs
Or worry about her delicacy when arranged next to twigs.
She can stand on her own, or be added to a bouquet
Her beauty never lost amongst a large display.
If given the chance, she will enhance every arrangement
She’ll flourish with each opportunity for engagement.
For as much love as you give her, she will return
For another kind of flower, you will not yearn.
You’ll take pride in knowing you invested and cared
And in her beauty and growth you will have shared.

~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas

July 2016

For Kelleigh Bannen, who I’ll always love and support.

Original post can be found here.

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