The Shadow

The Shadow
It’s always there behind you, even when you don’t know it
It can never leave you, but of it you often forget.
When the sun is shining, it is brightly cast
When the night draws near, it will no longer last.
Sometimes it creeps up on you; it is as dark as the night
But somehow it is only visible when you are in the light.
It can never fully leave you, just sometimes disappear
It’s the only thing you know will always be here.
Desperately you’re fleeing, it cannot show
But it will never leave; it will follow where you go.
It follows in your footsteps it goes where you lead
Something you figure you can live without, you don’t know you need.
Always so predictable, yet you long for its return
Following close behind, of yourself you learn.
Figures form of a similar face
You quicken your step, it follows each pace.
What is this thing which you try to outrun?
Why does it follow you, only come out in the sun?
This shadow you lose never fades away
Yet you only remember it on a sunny day.
That sun you see is your happy smile
When dark days come it is there all the while.
The dark seems unbearable, you are not alone
For that light in the shadow is waiting to be shown.
Though often you forget, it will always remain
Following your footsteps, calling out your name.
~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas
                                                                           July 27, 2005

For Christine C. hoping for brighter days ahead. Age 17.

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