Friendship’s Growth

Friendship’s Growth
Friendship’s end will never come
For those blessed, certainly some.
Those that never lose sight
Of friendship’s true light.
Those that try and care
And those who are always there.
Those who put others first
And stick it out for better or worse.
Friendship is built on love and upon it made strong
With a strong foundation, that love can last long.
For love grows in friendship and friendship grows in love
And both are made to last with the Father’s grace above.
So picture all your friends, all that love can you see?
How much you must have, for you have so much from me.
I thank you for you love and kindness, for being my friend
I’m thankful for our time together, that there is no end.
What a wonderful gift, God has chosen to give
That in the midst of our friendship, God can truly live.
Renewed and made strong and able to know
How our faith in God allows our friendship to grow.
I thank you for your hugs and for the time together we spend
I am most truly blessed that God has given me such a friend.
Be blessed this day and know how much I care
and how wonderful it is to always have you there.
I love you beyond this simple phrase
For your life, to Him I give the praise.
~ Jen Vargas

July 14, 2004

For Becky on her birthday. Age 15

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