Keep Holding On

Keep Holding On
You wake up every morning and it takes a little while
To forget about what’s going on, to put on your smile.
Your heart is heavy and your head confused
You do so much for others and then get used.
Sometimes you want to escape, make it all go away
But you find many reasons that lead you to stay.
The strength of your husband is only the start
Your children’s laughter, brings joy to your heart.
The way your kids want to cuddle and just have you around
The quiet of your children sleeping, the loveliest sound.
The way your BFF makes you laugh and gets all your jokes
The help you get with your kids by living near your folks.
The involvement of your church, worship with the band
Having a friend to pray with, who will always take your hand.
The support of your colleagues, the strength of your bond
The multitude of students, and of you they are so fond.
The joy of summer and not having to teach
The warmth of the sun while tanning at the beach.
Energy renewed after a good night’s sleep
Photos you’ve taken, memories you’ll keep.
Endurance gained while running the race
Puppies kisses as they lick your face.
The wonders of the world will never be as great
As the plans God has in store while in darkness you wait.
The hardships in your life are always on your mind
But your strength remains, for hope in God you find.
Although the storms seems huge, you know not what to do
Keep faith in what you believe, for God will pull you through.
When it seems as though you cannot bear any more,
Cast your worries on me, that’s what friends are for.
I will never desert you, I’ll stay by your side
I will never betray you, in me you can confide.
When words aren’t needed, I’ll put your hand in mine
Stay with you through the darkness, in morning, light will shine.

~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas

May 31, 2009

For Christine M, who’s burdens I wish I could carry.

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