Love’s Perfect Mold

Love’s Perfect Mold
Hope, love, joy… you can’t always see when it’s there
People do many things, to show that they care.
A mother reads to her children, before she puts them to bed
She tucks them in tight and kisses their head.
She brushes their hair and washes their clothes
When others are mean, a mother’s love shows.
A sister’s love may not always be clear
She says some things you don’t want to hear.
She pushes you down and calls you a name
But she’ll defend you if someone tries the same.
A teacher’s love helps you to learn
Patient and kind, lets you talk out of turn.
She marks you down, it helps you to grow
So as you age, her knowledge you’ll know.
A wife’s love and devotion is beautiful to see
She can put up with a man, and with him agree.
She’ll work, clean, and cook without complaint
A wife should be praised, for she is a saint.
The greatest love of all, is the gift of a friend
She loves without condition, she loves til the end.
She loves for no reason, her arms open wide
When life gets tough, she stays by your side.
It is not self-seeking, it exists just to give
A friend’s love offers hope, it helps you to live.
All of this love is not easy for one heart to hold
It’s rare to possess, yet you fit the mold.
When the world turns cold and no one is kind
I know in you, a friend I’ll always find.

~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas

February, 17, 2009

For Christine M, who was once my teacher and then my friend.

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