Nashville Star Chris Carmack Is Engaged!

You might know Chris Carmack as Will Lexington from ABC Nashville‘s hit tv show. Although Carmack’s character in the show has been married, and divorced, the real life man is officially engaged to musician/fiddle player, Erin Slaver. Slaver appeared in Seasons 1&2 of Nashville as Juliet Barnes’s (Hayden Panettiere) backup singer. She has also worked with many talented musicians, including touring with Katie Armiger, Martina McBride She’s also worked with Nashville‘s Sam Palladio. Slaver is currently in the band JD & The Straight Shot.



Although Slaver recently updated her Facebook status to engaged, the couple have been engaged since January 2016. Slaver also posted a beautiful photo of the two to her Facebook and Instagram account sharing the happy news.

“Sparkling drinks and fingers 💍❤️”


Don’t they make a happy couple?!

Congratulations Chris and Erin!

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