Natalie Stovall is Joining Runaway June and We Cannot Calm Down!

OH MY GOSH!!! WHAT THE WHAT?! That’s exactly what I sent in an email reply to a friend who emailed to tell me that Natalie Stovall is joining Runaway June. Yesterday, my heart broke a little knowing that Hannah Mulholland announced she would be leaving the trio. It was sad considering I love all three of them together and their voices worked so well together. Going from a trio to a duo was realistically going to be harder. A trio set them a part, especially an all female trio.

Reflecting on why Mulholland would want to leave the group, I figured that this time at home and not traveling so much has allowed her to realize the home life she has been missing. That seems to be what happened, as Runaway June members, Jennifer Wayne and Naomi Cooke announced the news on The Bobby Bones Show. Cooke explained: “Our low harmony singer, Hannah, has decided to make a change in her life, which we all really co-sign and support for her. She wants to be with her husband and her family in California and we completely support that. It’s a really crazy time in the world. We’re unveiling that our beautiful friend, Natalie Stovall, is stepping in and we could not be more excited for this. It’s insane!”

We wish Hannah all the best and will continue to support her future endeavors!

We also, cannot calm down about Stovall joining Runaway June as we have long supported Stovall, before Runaway June was even a trio! Now we can combine that love into a group and see them all at the same time! Plus, have you ever seen Stovall play the fiddle?? This is going to step up the Runaway June level and I can’t wait to watch them soar!

Wayne explained the decision to remain a trio: “Naomi and I did. We talked about being a duo and talked about what that meant. We just really love the three-part harmony. Also, when we talked about adding a member, if we were gonna add a member, we were like, the literal only person that we could ever see taking this part is Natalie. She’s an amazing singer, she’s an amazing musician, her presence on stage is insane, so we thought about being a duo, or having someone that makes us better and it was a no brainer.”

Stovall shared her excitement as well saying: “I really am honored that they were thinking that it was either gonna be a duo or that I was the only person that they were gonna ask. That’s incredible. I know that one of my favorite ways to create music is in a group setting and with band members, there’s nothing like that. But, I’ve never had the opportunity to really tour with sisters on the road,I’ve always been surrounded by dudes, so that in itself, and also the thought of getting to sing three-part harmony all the time…I’m such a sucker for harmonies.”

She had no idea she would be asked to be apart of Runaway June and said:

“It was a really left-field ask, I did not expect it. It took me a second to adjust my focus to it, but as soon as it settled it, it was a no-brainer for me.”

She later shared on social media:

“Let the adventure begin!!! I am so excited to finally let y’all in on what’s been going on!!! I am joining Runaway June!!! As soon as we can, we will be out there on the road coming your way. And in the meantime, we will be creating music for you to hear! Much love.”

We can’t wait to see what these ladies have in store for us! It’s going to be epic!!

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