Kelleigh Bannen Gives Some Beautiful Optimism With New Song “The Optimist” – Listen!

If you’re tired of being in lockdown, you’re not alone. Country Artist and Host of ‘Today’s Country” on Beats 1, Kelleigh Bannen has just released a new song that is so beautiful and full of hope, it’s exactly what we need right now.

Bannen teased the release of the new song on her socials the day before, even playing a bit of it on the piano, in her bathrobe. She recorded this version in her kitchen and then sent it to Bowen for production. It’s honestly one of the best releases she’s put out.

The song was written by Bannen, Will Bowen and Claire Douglas last fall. Bannen wasn’t planning on releasing it, but it seemed fitting during this time.

Bannen shared: “The pace of all of our lives has slowed down so much, and I need a little extra hope right now … doesn’t everybody? This song is about seeing the world with a fresh, and hopeful perspective. It was recorded as a simple piano vocal, and was only ever supposed to be a demo. When I heard the song back, it just struck me differently in this season we’re all weathering, so I wanted to share it.”


Some of the amazing lyrics

“I’ve had my doubts that happy-ever-after, ever works out/ but you made this cynic believe./Every broken heart/is the beginning of another new start of the next great love story.”

“I believe in second chances/wine drunk kitchen dances/magic just ain’t on TV/but I can’t believe/you made an optimist out of me.”

“I believe forgiveness is contagious/whoever says it first is the bravest/only fight to make up/champagne just because/miracles happen every day

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