Video: The New Trailer For Finding Dory Is Here!

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Well, Disney and Pixar did it again! The follow up to Nemo is here with Finding Dory. The voice of Dory is once again voiced by Ellen Degeneres.


Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 4.42.50 PMNemo, his dad Marlin, along with all of our favorites like Crush make their return, along with some new friends. The trailer for Finding Dory opens with Mr. Ray telling the class about how everyone has a past, and it shows Dory starring into the sea grass remembering something.

This movie shows Dory going through the sea and obstacles to try and find her family. During the movie you see her go on a journey and meet new friends and, hopefully, find her family. With Nemo and Marlin going along for the ride.


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