‘The Strength of The Bannenite’ – Why You Should Invest In Country Artist Kelleigh Bannen

There are so many different ways to promote an artist. For record labels, there are radio tours, partnerships, brand advertising… For fans of artists who may not be with a major record label, or with a label at all, who have not been a part of a headlining tour or had a single hit #1, the options are limited.

The biggest websites don’t always cover the music of smaller artists, radio stations more often than not won’t play their music… They really don’t get a fair chance at this whole music thing.


One of our favorite “smaller artists” is Kelleigh Bannen. She’s been named one of CMT’s Next Women Of Country and opened for artists like Luke Bryan. We could provide you with an entire article of all her accomplishments, links to all her music videos, lyrics to her songs that touch us the most… but so could anyone.


We don’t have an exclusive or interview to share, but those things don’t always work either. Why should you become invested in an artist like Kelleigh Bannen? Instead of sharing with you her accomplishments, I want to share with you the kind of person she is.


Her heart is so big and full of love for everyone. She shows true strength in the risks she takes and constantly opens herself up to vulnerability. Instead of sharing with you another song you should listen to (but seriously she did just release an EP called Cheap Sunglasses and it’s amazing), we’ve decided to write a poem, specifically for her so you can see just how special she really is.


While we won’t explain the meaning of every line, just think of her as a flower, and the outside factors (wind, weather, water, nature) as the music business and everything it encompasses. She’s someone who stands out, someone who can and will flourish if we take the time to invest in her.

The Strength Of The Bannenite

There are many beautiful flowers in the garden
Clay pots that can crack once they harden.
The sun and the soil help them to grow
Water seeps into their roots, so their petals will show.
Nature is in charge of the seasons; when they bloom
When put on display, they enhance every room.
Their petals will wilt without proper care
Tend to the garden and their beauty you will share.
When a rose bud blooms, there is no greater sight
It’s thorns proof, it’s prepared for the fight.
Behold the sunflower, that grows and stands so tall
No matter nature’s force, she will never fall.
Strong winds may come and the storms crash in
They’re more than “A summer thing til it goes out of fashion.”
The Bannenite is sturdy, can withstand more than you’d think
She doesn’t wilt in the sun, nor the water make her shrink.
Her leaves are radiant, she’s known for her hue
She doesn’t need much tending, she knows what to do.
You won’t need to dress her up with baby’s breath sprigs
Or worry about her delicacy when arranged next to twigs.
She can stand on her own, or be added to a bouquet
Her beauty never lost amongst a large display.
If given the chance, she will enhance every arrangement
She’ll flourish with each opportunity for engagement.
For as much love as you give her, she will return
For another kind of flower, you will not yearn.
You’ll take pride in knowing you invested and cared
And in her beauty and growth you will have shared.

© Jencita Vargas

Thank your Kelleigh, for sharing your life, your heart, your music and your struggles. We will continue to support you in everything you do!


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