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Welcomed In

Welcomed In

There is something so innocent about a newborn fawn
Something so majestic about the daybreak at dawn.
Nothing more amazing than a child’s first word
Or the feeling of validation when someone is heard.
The pride one gains when they accomplish a task
The freedom felt, when emotions don’t need a mask.
There is so much beauty the world has to hold
So much to learn, that can’t simply be told.
An enormous amount of love to be found
Kindness and generosity are all around.
At times in this beautiful world, we face the dark
Yet in those times, we meet people who make a mark.
Those who shine their light when there is none
That is the majesticness of the night to the sun.
Their light cannot be hidden, neither can their heart
Those are the kind of friendships you long to start.
A glimmer of light that can help you find your way
A peaceful soul and confidant that brings joy to each day.
When you find someone who blesses your life beyond measure
You hold them close, for there’s no greater treasure.
That light you possess, won’t easily fade
Nor the impression on my heart you have made.
I won’t easily forget the compassion you show
The kindness and warmth, you allow me to know.
You bring happiness to each day that had none in store
You open up hearts that had been closed off before. 
Thank you for opening up your arms and welcoming me in
The opportunity to know you, what a blessing it has been.

~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas

 December 2016

For Rebecca.

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