Through A Child’s Eyes

Through A Child’s Eyes

The mind of a child, so gentle and free
Slow down for awhile and like them you’ll see.
The glass is half full, the milk doesn’t spill
You can do all you desire, if you make it your will.
Happiness comes from a picnic in the park
Your Scooby-Doo light that glows in the dark.
Your mom takes your hand and she holds you tight
Love so devoted, she doesn’t let you out of sight.
Life knocks you down, but you get up and go
Unscathed by the world, your feelings show.
You speak your mind and you stand up tall
You can be anything you want; you can have it all.
Somewhere along the journey your path gets cut
And in your face, a door slammed shut.
You lose yourself as you find your way
Sometimes you’re alone at the end of the day.
At times there is sorrow, but joy comes around
Nothing more precious than a child’s sound.
A little laugh will carry you through despair
A small hug show how much that they care.
Soon you’ll remember what it was like
Trading your tricycle in for a bike.
Eating ice cream as it dripped down your face
Crossing the line as you finish a race.
When it’s not life that matters but what matters in life
You’ll begin to see the joy turned from strife.
Tears will fall less often, you’ll become a fighter
The dreary days you have will become much brighter.
So live and let loose, go a little wild
Just don’t forget what it was like to be a child.

~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas

May 11, 2009

May we be reminded in these times that life can still hold so many possibilities. Dreams can still be attainable and there is hope still to be found.

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