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I’ll Hold Your Hand

I’ll Hold Your Hand

When all forces are pulling you back, who is there to hold your hand?
When all you see is water, who helps you make it to dry land?
When all hope is lost who brings you to the light?
Who guides you until you once again have sight?
Are those you know now, those who will always care
As years pass are your old friends still there?
So much is unseen, wouldn’t you like to know
Those who will remain, not just come and go?
Goodbyes are hard, yet some friends last forever
Some in your life you will have to say goodbye to never.
So temporary is everything so broad is the range
And yet there is still the surprise with every change.
Who knows you are sad even when you smile?
Who will never desert you in your darkest trial?
Who can say will never leave when all has gone away?
What true friend do you know of that will always stay?
It might be hard to think about, difficult to ponder
But while others may leave, I am only growing fonder.
Sometimes it may be hard, but I try to show I do
I long for you to feel all the love I have for you.
Your smile blesses my heart; your hugs warm my soul
Your love makes me stronger; your presence makes me whole.
I love you with all my heart; I only hope it is enough
To demonstrate I’ll be here, even when it’s rough.
I’m blessed to be in your life and you to have found
A friend I truly value and always enjoy being around.

~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas

July 13, 2005

Age 17. Written for a friend who seemed as if deep down there was so much hurt going on that they didn’t want others to see, but I saw it anyway. I just wanted her to know that I would never leave and always be there. That she could feel safe opening up about anything heavy she needed to let go of.

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