Blinded by Darkness

Blinded by Darkness
I found this dark place, it’s not friendly there
Everyday there is hurt, pain, and no one to care.
In this place with no light, I have not a friend
Not one with happy moments I can spend.
I see glimpses of the light, but they flicker away
They get me all excited and then lead me astray.
In this place of darkness, where light does not enter
I have a bleeding heart, stuck with a splinter.
I know you don’t care, that’s what makes this pain so
The yearning for a friend makes it continue to grow.
There is love in my life but when so many don’t bother
It’s hard to see love when it lacks from mother and father.
In darkness it’s hard to see those of you that love
In my weakness I can only turn to my Father above.
It’s hard to express what I’m feeling inside
Like the waves won’t continue being a part of the tide.
Yet it is a part of nature, bound to occur
Yet why every time the waves form am I still unsure?
I’m at a loss for the words that still need to be said
So I am left here with only quiet tears to shed.
It’s not easy no one ever said it would be
Yet why is it so hard, out of the darkness to see?
Why is my vision blurry, why am I so blind
Why is there constant confusion running through my mind?
Will I ever again be able to see the light
Or will I just learn to walk without sight?

~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas

July 14, 2005

Age 17

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