Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings
Families gather together for a festive meal,
For giving thanks to God is a major deal.
We give thanks for the wondrous things from above,
and thank God for the people who have shown us love.
Continuing to thank Him for all that he has done,
Yet most importantly for sending down his Son.
I have so much to be thankful for, that I cannot begin,
but the thing that stands out most is that I am accepted from within.
Some people do not take the time to see,
That they greatly affect who others might be.
There is always something in which we can be thankful for,
and still Jesus Christ continues to bless us more.
Family and friends are comforters here on earth,
They were the ones who have been there for us since birth.
Jesus Christ is still the greatest comforter of all,
He will always be there for us as we continue to call.
Still others you cannot help but love, for their love has shown through,
They see what’s in the heart and those others are the two of you!
Love is so strong and it is really why I am so thankful,
For people like you always make others so grateful.
This Thanksgiving I just wanted to say,
How much you have touched my life and to have the best Thanksgiving day.
 I say a prayer and I am sorry that we cannot be together,
but my love is sent and will always remain, forever.
You guys are the best and I thank you so much for caring,
It feels so good to be loved and cared about, so thank you for sharing.
Remember the feelings are mutual and I love you both beyond measure,
and your lives and presence I will forever treasure.

        ~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas

November 18, 2001

For Becky and Laura, who have always loved me. Thanksgiving. Age 14

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