Child of Faith

Child of Faith
In this world of suffering and pain, you comfort and love,
Through hardships and heartbreaks I have your compassion from above.
In darkness and tears you are the arms that hold me tight,
Through sorrow and distress, you love with all your might.
You care so much and truly want what is best for me,
and when I am blinded it is you who helps me to see.
When no one else cares and I haven’t a friend on this earth,
It is your comfort that gets me through and shows me what I’m worth.
You know without asking, you love without reason,
You help me to grow and change with each season.
You lead me to the path and guide me by your hand,
When trouble comes my way, you carry me across the sand.
Never am I left alone with you right by my side,
Never am I lost, with you to be my guide.
When I need a friend, it is you who is always there,
Who will never desert me, you who will always care.
You know everything about me, you know my every thought,
You know what I need to learn and what I need to be taught.
My precious Lord you never disappoint and never fail,
To continually be amazing and your promise to never bail.
So thank you for everything you have graciously relented,
and for forgiving me every time I have repented.
So this day I want all to know how very much you do,
and how much you truly help Oh, I would be so lost without you!

~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas


For my Heavenly Father. Age 15

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