For All or Nothing

For All or Nothing
For all the flowers in the field, that sway when the wind blows,
And for the view atop a mountain, where the water beneath flows.
For all the grain in the field, that makes a farmer flourish,
And the milk a mother feeds her young, to help keep them nourished.
Still for the gratitude of serving another person in need,
And the fight for doing what’s right, just for doing a simple deed.
For the love of a father who loves, even through the depths of despair,
To cherish that undying love that won’t be easy to find elsewhere.
For all the time spent training so a single race could be won,
It never does seem worthwhile, but it always shows when the task is done.
For all the love of money, that makes a greedy person stay despised,
And all the wealth and land that keeps feuding countries devised.
With all the love a lover seeks, to win a determined women to be his wife,
And all the passion a lost soul holds, to find the reasons for his life.
For all that seems uncertain and no comprehensible answers in sight,
And all that a warrior holds dear, so he can stay strong and fight.
For the passion a king possesses when his kingdom has become corrupt,
And when a person fights for what’s lost and never once gives up.
For the freedom this country fought for and the bondage to be set free,
The stars and stripes that remind us, of what we couldn’t see.
For the love of our country that keeps us united one and all,
And for all the brave in heart, that makes even a lion seem small.
With all the pride a father holds when his only son grows up,
And all the guidance a mother gives, to help train her pup.
For all that is in the world and all that I choose to live,
For all that has been mentioned, my love I still give!

~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas

February 5, 2003

For Cozette, the greatest HS English teacher and now friend. Age 15

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