A Day for Everything

A Day for Everything
There’s a national day for everything you could ever dream
And on February 14, there’s one for chocolates filled with cream.
Cards and gifts that can make your day seem bright
But they also have the tendency to make others lose sight.
The importance of “Valentine’s Day” is not just for romance
It’s a day to share love with others, no matter the circumstance.
Friends, family, children, maybe someone you don’t know
Acts of kindness go a long way and don’t take much to show.
A kind note left on a desk, sharing something from your lunch
Taking out a friend or your parents for a nice brunch.
It shouldn’t feel forced, “something you must do”
There’s so much joy in telling someone “I love you.”
We shouldn’t need a reason to show love or be kind
But life gets busy and it often slips our mind.
It’s nice to have a day, to remind others how much we care
A gentle reminder that in a time of need, we’ll be there.
No need to buy a gift, acts of kindness mean so much more
Than anything you could pick out from some fancy store.
Try to open your heart to everything this day can bring
Let it heal up wounds that have still left a sting.
Love comes in many forms and unexpected places
And others will find comfort in the warmth of your embraces.
Everyone has something to give, you never know who you will touch
And when it seems like no one else cares, know I love you very much.

~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas

February 9, 2020

For those who may be hesitant about celebrating a commercial holiday or a romantic ones that is a reminder of pain or love taken away. There are so many other places to find love than just in a romantic partner or even someone we lost. Try to remember all the other amazing people in your life that need your love.

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