The Essence of a Nurse

The Essence of a Nurse
The season was fall and the journey was new
Surroundings intimidating, but then there was you.
Your smile offered warmth, amidst the cold
Your personality soft, yet not afraid to be bold.
You know how to lead, but to also be kind
A trait in everyone, we don’t always find.
A nurse provides no judgment with their care
Treats everyone equal, just, and fair.
Times arise when there’s a difficult case
But a nurse doesn’t waiver, no matter what they face.
When problems arise and we need somewhere to turn
You offer an opportunity for growth and to learn.
A safe place to unload whatever has us worried
To solve any problems without being hurried.
The mind is at ease when there’s someone we can confide
Who cares for each worker and fights on their side.
A place of authority can often push others away
Yet instead of alienation, you’re the sun in each day.
Your door is always open and so is your heart
Never lose that spark that sets you a part.
You’re kind and compassionate, loving and true
We’re thankful to have a nurse as wonderful as you!

~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas

November 2016

For Brenda, who always brings joy to each day she is in.

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