Charles Esten Is Releasing New Music Every Friday! Listen to the First 2 Songs!

Freakin’ Deacon Friday has taken on a whole new meaning for fans of the man that plays Deacon Claybourne on the tv show NashvilleCharles Esten! The movement, which started during the shows run on ABC and was used to help save the show is now be used by Esten to bring his own music to the fans! Oringally the hashtag was used to share the love of Esten and his character Deacon Claybourne. As the show continues, the line between Esten and Deacon is becoming more and more blurred! Esten has became a familiar face at the Grand Ole Opry. He’s also been on the road with Nashville in Concert!

Now Esten’s releasing his own music, something that his fans have waited for, for quite awhile. “Through the Blue” is the first song Esten has released but he promises it won’t be the last! He plans to release a new song every Friday in honor of Freakin’ Deacon Friday! It’s been a busy summer for Esten who has been on tour with his fellow castmembers and they spent most of May and June petitioning with fans to bring Nashville back! They and the fans succeeded and the show will return for season 5 on CMT and hulu!

Esten’s new song “Through The Blue” is one of the first times we get to hear Charles not his alter ego Deacon Clayboure sing! His debut single as himself “Hot One” was released last year! “Through The Blue” is reminiscent of the country music in the 90’s with its sound but the lyrics are clearly about today’s world! The song is all about how to get through the rough spots in life, those moments that make you feel like there’s no light at the end of what ever tunnel you are in. That rings true with the chorus of the song

Might be a song you sing, or John 3:16 / Might be a long walk, or a phone call from a long, lost friend / Might be a steel horse ride, or just cry, cry, cry / You just do what you gotta do to get you through the blue

“Through The Blue” is uplifting and has a powerful message, when it seems like you are caught in the darkness of life, just dig down deep and find something to anchor you and you’ll evently make it through. The song shows why fans have fallen in love with Esten! He’s all about connecting with his fans through his songs and in person.


After the release of “Through The Blue” Esten took to Twitter to inform fans that he would be releasing a single every Friday, with an end date that’s yet to be known! In a Q&A he did on Monday night he said that a number of songs where ready to go and he is in the process of writing many more! He let fans know that he would keep going every single Friday as long as he has music to put out and that the fans were still enjoying it!

Besides releasing new music every week, Esten has been on the road with his cast mates sharing the music of Nashville all over the world! He has also been rasing money for the Lupus foundation by allowing fans to purchase tickets that would allow them to ride his tour bus around Nashville and take in the sites and hear stories of Music City! The event which he first held in June right before CMA Fest, is slated to happen again sometime in October this time with a concert attached!

“Through the Blue” is available on most major retailers as well as his second song “Down At The Lost And Found”


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