Taylor Swift Fans React to Being Invited to ‘Super Saturday’ Concert!

There’s only a few weeks until Taylor Swift will be playing Super Saturday in Houston, TX before the Super Bowl! The concert is so far Swift’s only show of 2017 and is invite only! That’s right, fans cannot buy tickets to this show, making it even more special to attend!

ATT is sponsoring the event and has teamed up with Swift to give out over 500 pairs of tickets to those who entered their sweepstakes! Fans have also been invited via social media for showing their love and support of Swift!

Variety Beat got to talk with some fans about being invited and just how much it means to them! We also wrote a little poem inspired by this event!

Super Saturday

Super Saturday February 4, 2017 is not just another day
It’s “Holy Ground” for Swifties, attending Super Saturday.
They’re flying from all over, ready to dance around
And scream really loud, for it’s Taylor’s favorite sound.
These fans have been invited, their dreams are coming true
They get to meet their online friends and other Swifties too!
The costumes have been carefully planned, they’re going all out
Sparkles and glow sticks is what Swifting is all about.
They know the words to every song, they’re ready to scream
And watch as Taylor stands back to soak it in and proudly beam.
Her smile gives hope and a reason to keep believing
That life is worth living and our dreams worth achieving.
She gives to so many, we can only hope to give back to her
For she brings a greater healing, medicine can’t cure.
So for two hours we dance and sing without a single care
We forget all our problems, there’s magic in the air.
We hug and cry and don’t mind who will see
At a Taylor Swift concert, your mind is truly free.
Let the music transcend your soul and move you to your feet
It’s the perfect place to get “down to this sick beat.”
Jump as high as you can, dance until you’re sore
Being at a Taylor Swift concert is what Swifties live for.
There’s no greater feeling, than knowing you belong
Connecting with somebody because of words from a song.
Live your life boldly, don’t be afraid to be loud
Be true to yourself, you’ll make Taylor proud.

~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas

Superfan, Bianca has been excited about the concert ever since it was announced last year! Even her cat is excited about the big concert!

When asked how much this invite and concert meant to her she explained:

Superfan, Amy also shared similar sentiments about how much the invite met, especially since it comes following the news her father has cancer. Her family has had so much bad news lately that everyone broke down crying for they know how much this means to her and how it will lift her spirits.

2017 could not have started any better for me. On January 5th, I found out that I would be attending the Super Saturday Night concert and seeing Taylor Swift. I couldn’t believe. There were immediate tears and screaming. It was even better knowing that I would get to experience this event with my two best Taylor friends! The excitement of finding out that I would be seeing Taylor at an invite-only show is something that I will never forget. I just couldn’t believe how lucky and fortunate I was to get this opportunity. I have never been chosen for any of Taylor’s surprise or invite-only events, which made this moment even more special. I am beyond thankful for this opportunity and plan to treasure each moment leading up to the concert and the concert itself. I constantly remind myself that not everyone will get this same opportunity. I wish everyone could go, but there is only so much space. It is not lost on me how fortunate I am to be able to attend this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Amy goes on to say how much Swift means to her and how she has always been there for her:

Taylor means everything to me. She has taught me to be fearless, stand up for what I believe in and to not let others change you. She has also brought me some of my best friends and I will always be thankful and grateful for that. Taylor has always been there for me, through the good and the bad times. I hope she will be there for me in the future, when I need her then or, perhaps when I just want to relive beautiful memories…..such as Super Saturday Night. I already know February 4, 2017 will be one of my favorite days and I will never forget the day as long as I live. Taylor, I know I am going to have the time of my life with you! See you February 4th!

ATT is also giving fans additional ways to win with fan parties! See if they are coming to your city!

Wishing everyone the best time at the event!! Happy Swifting!

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  1. Can’t believe I was so lucky to win tickets to this !!! 2017 is going to be a great year and boy did we really need it! My daughter and I have shared such a bound over the last 10 years thanks to Taylor. Taylor inspired a passion in her she probably would never have found. Most recently she posted to You Tube 3 years of 6 second Taylor inspiration with over 13 minutes of video editing and creative inspiration. Check out her handy work if you want she is Hella Swift Edits on YouTube but don’t tell her I told you, she gets mad at me for telling her secret, I am a proud mom just like Taylor’s. She ya’ll in Texas.

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