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Thompson Square Plays “You Make It Look So Good” When… + A Children’s Book Is In The Works!

There are moments that have come along for husband and wife duo Thompson Square in the last several years that have been real “pinch me” moments. They’ve celebrated success with two #1 songs (“Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not” and “If I Didn’t Have You), they earned a GRAMMY nomination, they’ve met musical icons like Merle Haggard and finally, they had their first born child, a son – Cooper!

WATCH: Thompson Square: T3 Home Movie – You Make It Look So Good

Keifer and Shawna Thompson are more than just a Country Duo, they are the kind of artists you fly across the world to see play for 15 minutes because they’ve touched your life that much. After fighting hard for 13 years before getting their record deal, it’s no wonder that to this day they are still the most humble and gracious people you will ever meet.


There are different kinds of artists, artists you listen to on the radio, artists who’s music you buy, artists who you make sure to see in concert and artists you go the next level for –  requesting their music to radio because they have something to say, a voice that needs to be heard. That’s the kind of artists, Thompson Square are. That’s why, when I told them they were the “holy grail of interviews,” I 100% meant it. They might not have the biggest name in Country Music, but they have the biggest place in my heart and the hearts of thousands of fans around the globe.


The GRAMMY nominated duo just released their new single “You Make It Look So Good” after taking a long break to enjoy life as new parents. This song resonated with the duo and it’s easy to see why. So often the tale goes, someone never pictures themselves getting married, settling  down… but then you meet the right person and things change.

Yeah, you got me wondering / What it might be like / Knowing every night / Who I’m waking up with / On the other side of the bed / And I never thought I’d let / Anyone ever get close enough / To make me fall in love / But ooh, you make it look so good

With a title like “You Make It Look So Good,” it’s pretty easy to come up with witty things to say! We had Keifer and Shawna play a little game where they took turns telling each other what the other makes look so good… Things got a little crazy when Keifer’s answered turned into taking off clothes and sexy Chewbacca outfits! Watch them play below!


After talking with Thompson Square, it was exciting to find out more about where they’re at right now and what’s ahead for them. Fans can support them by downloading their single “You Make It Look So Good,” going to shows, buying merch and requesting their single to radio! Keifer also talked about a new Children’s book that’s in production and doing more things related to children (songs, books) might be something Thompson Square works on as a side project in the future! It’s no doubt being parents have changed their lives for the better, we can’t wait to read the book! Check out the full interview below along with a photo gallery from their show!



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