Taylor Swift Teases Sci-Fi Music Video For “…Ready For It?”

Swifties are such an incredible fanbase to make music videos for! Taken straight out of Joseph Kahn‘s (The Director of the “…Ready For It?” Music Video) mouth!

Taylor Swift‘s 2nd single off her much-anticipated 6th studio album Reputation will in fact be, “…Ready For It?” The song was originally released as a promo single but will serve as the second official single. Although it is rare to get an official second single before an official album drop, since “Look What You Made Me Do” already reached #1, she might as well go for that next one!

Reputation will be out November 10, but fans have already heard 3 songs off the album!

Taylor Swift Wants You To Know Who Her New Song “Gorgeous” Is About!

Swift just posted a trailer for her second music video off the album, and it’s straight out of The Fifth Element or something! Some crazy Sci-Fi effects happening! Just when you thought nothing could beat the “Look What You Made Me Do” music video, which by the way shattered every record possible, Swift comes up with a light up nude looking body suit which could quite possibly resemble how naked and bare she feels having her private life on display all of the time.

No One Was Ready For Taylor Swift’s New Song “…Ready For It?”

This video has such strong parallels to previous work! Take a look at the trailer and be prepared to be blown away! We’ll get into all the details once the full video is released!!



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