Interview: Towne Talks New EP, Relationships and more! 

Meet the duo Towne. One of them is a music theater lover from Pennsylvania and the other is a former punk rocker from Kentucky. While Steevie  Steeves and Jon  Decious come from two very different backgrounds, they fit together perfectly as country duo Towne. The duo recently released their EP Games We Play as well as a music video for their song “The One I Love.” We had the chance to talk with Towne and ask them some questions about their EP as well as their Journey this far and their plans for CMA Fest! Check out their music video and our interview below!



Variety Beat: You recently released a video for the song you wrote: “The One I Love.” It’s a pretty emotional and powerful song, can you talk about the inspiration behind it?

Towne: The inspiration behind “The One I Love” came from a poem on a napkin that Steevie had kept in her wallet for years that an ex boyfriend of her’s had written. She had brought it up in a casual conversation but we thought it was a pretty unique idea, so we started putting chords to it and it just sort of fell out of the sky.

Variety Beat: You released your EP Games We Play last year, are any of those songs inspired by each other and is ever difficult to be completely honest when it comes to writing songs?

Towne: Absolutely! Being each other’s exes makes our past a pretty obvious subject matter. At times things might be tough to bring up at first, but we’re also best friends so it all eventually comes out. Sometimes we get lucky and it makes for good songs!

Variety Beat: What is your favorite part about writing music?

Towne: We love it all. From the start of the process when you’re just kicking around ideas, to putting chords to a melody, to that untouchable feeling we get when we finish a song we LOVE! There’s never a dull moment.

Variety Beat: Favorite things to do in your free time?

Towne:We’re really into running/taking hikes, reading new books (let us know if you can recommend any- we’re always looking for new ones), and just chilling out and taking a deep breath.


Variety Beat: What’s on your bucket list that isn’t music related?

Jon: I’d like to write a book…but the book would probably be music-related.
Steevie: I want to travel to Thailand and explore…and, i dunno, maybe ride an elephant 🙂

Variety Beat: Will we be seeing you at CMA Fest?

Towne: We’re hoping so! Nothing scheduled at the moment but we’ve got our fingers crossed that that changes.

Towne’s EP Games We Play can be bought on all major digital retailers and the music video for “The One I Love” can be found on here. More Information can be found at their website.

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