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The Henningsens have a brand new album out titled World’s On Fire. They released a 4 song EP in 2013 and and a Christmas album in 2014. In 2015 they released a single “Why I Farm” to go along with their partnership with Beck’s, which is included on the album.


The Henningsens are made up of a family trio with Brian Henningsen and his son Aaron and daughter Clara. They have had great success writing hits such as “You Lie” and “All Your Life” for The Band Perry. It’s not always easy to release an album and that’s something artists are struggling with right now, getting their music heard because it deserves to be heard.

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Here at Variety Beat, we believe in The Henningsens and their music. They are three of the hardest working and talented artists in the business. Their songs have a true and deep meaning, the kind of songs that change your life. Brian shared his excitement of releasing the album with Variety Beat:

“We are really excited to be releasing World’s On Fire! It’s been a long road and a labor of love for us. This album encompasses the wide range of songs that we write and perform. That’s what we love about country music! We hope you enjoy!”

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World’s On Fire is a collection of diverse songs from The Henningsens. Clara takes lead vocals on most songs and all of the songs put out thus far. This album takes us on a wild ride as we listen to songs where Aaron and Brian take lead vocals on different songs. It spices things up and allows us to hear The Henningsens in a whole new light!

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The album is filled with songs of every emotion, songs that will make you dance “Like No One’s Watching,” “Sugar Rush,” love songs like “Love You Til The End,” Summer jams like “Airstreamin’,” “Country Cool” and still others that touch you in a deeper way “There’s A Line.” Of course you have to have those anthem type songs you need to turn up a little louder and scream the lyrics to: “Like A Girl.”

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Our favorite song on the album has to be “Hometown Girl.” I cried the day you told me you were leaving / I knew you had to go / But I smile every time I think about you / and hear you playing on the radio / No matter where you go / In the whole wide world / I will always be your hometown girl. 

It’s definitely a song that many people can relate to, especially wives of musicians and if you take out the line about hearing them play on the radio, it becomes even more applicable. It just has a great feeling to it, that sense of connection and happiness of being there for someone no matter where they are at, they always have someone to come home to.

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“Like A Girl” is a close second with it’s anthem type lyrics: you say I throw like a girl like that’s a bad thing / So watch me throw like a girl / When I throw out your ring / You say I run like a girl / Oh I’ll be flying / While I’m running you’ll be finding / No one else can leave you crying like a girl

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It’s a wonderful collection of mostly new songs and one even inspired by Brian in his early days. He was a little rough around the edges in his early days of his marriage to his wife and she said she was either going to pray him into the Kingdom or kill him and they wrote a song about it “Jesus Or A Bullet”


World’s On Fire is available for order on their site TheHenningsens.comiTunesamazon and Google Play! You can even stream the album on Spotify, listen below!


Track Listing

  1. Sugar Rush *                                   (Writers A,B,C Henningsen & Steve Schnur )
  2. Love You Til the End ***              (Writers A,B,C Henningsen & Tommy Collier)
  3. World’s on Fire *                            (Writers A,B,C Henningsen & Don Poythress)
  4. Texas is a Woman**                (Writers A,B,C Henningsen & Matt Rogers)
  5. Hometown Girl *                           (Writers A,B,C Henningsen & Don Poythress)  
  6. Jesus or a Bullet  *                          (Writers A,B,C Henningsen & Maren Morris)
  7. Hank (Rolling in My Grave) *   (Writers B Henningsen & Joshua O’Keefe)
  8. Airstreamin’ *                                 (Writers A,B,C Henningsen & Robert K. Wolf)
  9. Country Cool ***                             (Writers A,C Henningsen, John Ritter, Lane Bass, Mike Todd and Jennifer Todd)
  10. There’s a Line **                             (Writers A,B,C Henningsen & Don Poythress)  
  11. Why I Farm ****                              (Writers A,B,C Henningsen)
  12. Like a Girl ***                                  (Writers A,B,C Henningsen & Tim Nichols)
  13. Like No One’s Watching *****  (Writers A,B Henningsen, Lindsay Rimes & Phil Barton)
  14. Golden **                                          (Writers A,B,C Henningsen)

Producers: *Dalton Brothers **the Henningsens ***Brad Hill ****Ilya Toshinskiy ***** Lindsay Rimes

Executive Producer: Aaron Henningsen

Mixed By: Jim Cooley & Rob Burrell

Mastered St: Georgetown Masters

Production/Engineering Consultants: Chris Latham and Scott Glasel

Photography and album design: Dale Manning

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