Thompson Square CMA Fest Q&A- Here’s What You Missed

CMA Fest is less than two months away and we are kind of freaking out about it! Thompson Square was just announced to be performing at the Riverfront stage! To kick things off, The Country Music Association had a twitter Q&A so fans could submit questions! Below are the questions and answers!


Thompson Square announced the name of their next single, a bit too early, so we are staying mum on that until the official announcement. They will be touring this summer and fall and might be releasing an album in the fall, but are going to concentrate on their single first. Can’t wait!

They also said they are working on a Fan Club Party for CMA Fest and are hoping timing will allow for them to have one so they can play new songs for everyone!


@CountryMusic: We’ve had the pleasure of having @ThompsonSquare at #CMAfest before. What’s the atmosphere like? #T2CMAfest


@lelo9025: #T2CMAFest one word to describe each other???

@rockytopgurl24: do you guys still get starstruck? If so by which artist? #T2CMAfest

@CountryMusic: what’s your favorite song to sing live to a crowd? Any favorite cover songs?

@vannyss: Are you gonna record “Up in Smoke” for the new album?

@CountryMusic: Y’all had a very special family addition in January. Any chance we’ll see a Thompson Triangle group soon?! #T2CMAfest


@ghfan23: just saw where you announced a new single can’t wait to hear it. Are you releasing a new album soon#t2cmafest

Kimmypie143: will there be a fan club party at #cmafest2016 #t2cmafest

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