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Taylor Swift Gets Stuck In Gold Cage, Held Hostage To Her Feelings – Sings Acapella!

It was a wild hometown show for Pop Sensation Taylor Swift as she returned to Pennsylvania for two nights in Philly! Swift was raised in Reading, PA and was so excited to be back, she even went and visited her childhood home! The owners were kind enough to let her in to look around and Swift shared a photo inside her old bedroom with lyrics from her song “Never Grow Up.”

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Take pictures in your mind of your childhood room…

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She also shared a photo of herself standing in the same spot as she stood when she was 4-years-old! In it, she holds up a photo of her 4-year-old self and a page that reads:

“Taylor, 4 years old. Playing hop-scotch on the driveway with some of the barn cats in the background, of course.”

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Take me home 💗

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Of course, the secret song that night was “Never Grow Up” and she told the crowd about returning to her childhood home earlier that day:

“Today when I went back to the farm where I grew up, it’s not my family’s farm anymore. We sold it when we moved to Nashville and now this really wonderful family lives there and so I went by, stopped by. There were so nice to let me in and look around and everything. You know, I definitely get emotional coming back here, but I got especially emotional when I walked into my old room and there were cute little girl’s things in there.”

Night 2 had some crazy adventures as Swift’s sparkly golden cage she uses to fly over the crowd became stuck mid-air. She wasn’t sure what to do, but returned to the stage and decided to take the other snake skeleton cage to a different stage. Of course to pass the time, she asked the crowd if there were any songs of hers they would like to here, so they were treated to acapella versions of “Wildest Dreams” and “Our Song.” The snake of course came in handy, sparking the comment “TWINKLY LIGHTS ARE NICE BUT A SNAKE WILL NEVER FAIL TO GET YOU WHERE YOU NEED TO GO.”

She told the crowd:

“What you just saw was me going up and down in the sparkly basket… it was supposed to take me to the other side of the stadium. We’re just gonna somehow figure out some way for me to get over there. So what happens now is that I’m just chilling waiting to figure out what happens next. I may just walk. I’m going to…okay so this is such a spoiler alert, but i have another flying thing across there that works apparently….OR wait so there are people talking in my ear, this is all…this is so boring for you I’m so sorry. There’s no way for me to just talk to them so this is all gonna play out in front of you. Is there a way for me to walk? Does it have to be flying? No one is saying anything to me literally just…Nobody is saying anything. So someone just came in my ear and goes ‘Hey Taylor its Dave, I have no idea either. So what I think might happen now maybe um… we sing something acapella to pass the time. [Sings “Our Song” acapella] ALRIGHT so no ones talked to me at all so i’m gonna see if this thingy works over here…”

After the show, Swift took to tumblr to reblog posts about the evening and when one fan pointed out: “So It Goes” …is taking back the narrative and literally trapping Taylor in a gold cage, hostage to her feelings for not performing it every night on tour on tour, she replied “This is so real I cackled” and included the hashtags #Revenge of the unsung Rep track #tonight was a wild time!

Swift also performed “Treacherous” from her Red Album for the first time this tour! It sounds like the concert was a little “Treacherous” but in the best way! What could of been disasterous turned into memorable moments for both Swift and her fans. She handled everything like a pro, even when the crew didn’t know what to do! With her quick thinking, she sprung into action when the gravity turned out to be too much.

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