The Young Fables Are Only “Half As Good” Without Each Other

Laurel Wright and Wes Lunsford make up the duo The Young Fables and they have found that without one another, they are only “Half As Good.” Granted, that is part of a being a duo, but it’s more than just their music, it’s their bond that makes them the best of musicians, friends, and soulmates! 

The music video for their latest single “Half As Good” premiered on CMT and it is pretty much adorable. They are both living out their normal day to day life when they stumble upon each other and in the end, they almost kissed and we died. You should probably watch it because it’s pretty adorable.



Laurel and Wes became a duo, sometime after Wes filled in for her guitar player who was sick. The rest is history and not only do they sound amazing together, they also write their songs together as well. Laurel told us about how she tries to write songs without Wes, but they only turn out half as good. 😉 The Young Fables also told us which TV show they would love to see the other one guest star in during our interview which you can watch below!



The duo made us feel so comfortable and they are definitely the type of people everyone would have fun spending time with. Whether it be going out for coffee or playing board games! Be sure to check out their album Old Songs which was funded by a kickstarter! Talk about amazing fans!!


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