Taylor Swift Invited Fans Over To Listen to ‘Reputation’ in London Secret Sessions!

Can you believe Taylor Swift is doing Secret Sessions again for her new album Reputation? It’s been 3 years since 1989 was released and Swift started hosting a series of Secret Sessions in multiple cities like Los Angeles, New York and Nashville. She even did international ones. London is the first Secret Session of the Reputation era which took place on October 13!! Swift herself said she loves the 13 and fans were wondering if something was going to happen!


Fans in attendance even got special keychains just for the event! Of course, they were in the shape of a snake! Swift even wore a snake ring and boots!


There were roughly 100 people at the London Secret Sessions from 13 different countries! She really does love the 13th! Fans described the album as darker, shady, better than Red, the best album she’s ever made… and according to a fan, Taylor herself described 1989 as an afternoon album and Reputation as a night time album. Which leads us to believe it’s something very dancy!

There was also a track that made everyone cry and we are wondering if it is track 5, since track 5 is typically the saddest song on the album, think “All Too Well” “Dear John” “White Horse” “Cold As You” and “All You Had To Do Was Stay.”

As far as the menu goes, according to so some secret sessioners, there were Reputation cookies, biscuits and chicken nuggets! Swift’s mom, Andrea told fans that she did not want to do interviews for her upcoming album but she does want to do Secret Sessions. With so much of her past two songs making jabs at the media, it’s not surprising Swift doesn’t want to do a bunch of media. You don’t get to take swipes at someone all the time, then suddenly want to be in their good favor again to get the attention. Being good to people all the time and being authentic will pay off in the end.

We can’t wait to see what else Swift has up her sleeve! Check back for more photos from the event!

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  1. I want to tell you my daughter had a rough couple months back in April she was hospitalized until May 28 then went to rehab because she couldn’t walk. Well thank you Taylor for your music 🎶 and Video we got back to walking with all the wonderful therapists at the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab in Chicago and listening to Taylor we got thru the storm. So Grateful and Blessed Emily is feeling better and no seizures since Mid July.

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