Carly Thomas Smith Shines On “Holiday Blues” – Listen

If there’s one thing a music site loves, it’s a great artist dropping a new song, especially if it’s been a minute since their last project! Carly Thomas Smith is back with a song just in time for the Holidays called “Holiday Blues.”


Of course the Holidays can be a hard time for people as sad memories may encompass that time of year and that’s exactly who Thomas Smith wanted to write a song for:

“I wanted to write something for those who have a hard time during the holidays. Hopefully this will lift their spirits and let them know they are not alone!”

We’ve gotten to know Thomas Smith over the years and she’s done everything from Broadway to singing with Taylor Swift. Not many people can say that! It’s always a treat to catch her performing in LA and a song of her own to be able to treasure is just the kind of thing to put us in the right Holiday mood.

It’s not too often you get to hear a good Jazz/Blues combination, but it’s in that vary combo that allows the listener to truly feel the music and breathe it into their soul. Music is healing, especially when it’s music you can feel and connect with on a deeper level. From the first note to the last, “Holiday Blues” will restore your faith in music that’s so powerful and healing.

Please be sure to buy “Holiday Blues” on iTunes.

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