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Marit Larsen Opens Up About Her New EP ‘Joni Was Right II’ and Writing With Joy Williams – Listen

Norwegian, singer, songwriter Marit Larsen has just released her latest EP, Joni Was Right II. This is a follow up EP from her independent release, Joni Was Right, which amassed over 1.6 million streams on Spotify.  You may remember Larsen from the duo, M2M, whose debut single, “Don’t Say You Love Me” became a global hit.

Larsen was featured as “Songwriter of the Week” on American Songwriter and her album, When the Morning Comes,  received rave reviews in Norway and earned her two nominations for the Norwegian Grammy, “Spellemansprisen,” in the categories Best Lyricist and Best Composer.


Joni was right II features five songs all produced and arranged by Larsen. The EP features the track, “Winter Never Lasts Forever.” “Winter Never Lasts Forever” was co-written by Joy Williams, formerly of The Civil Wars. The song features a powerful vocal performance by Larsen, with a soothing, melodic backing track. This perfectly embellishes the lyrical content of the song:

Set your little heart on fire / Go on / Step into the dark / You will never lose your way / No matter how far you stray


The rest of the tracks each tell their own story, with Larsen’s voice bringing them to life. Listening to the EP is a refreshing journey as Larsen proves to not only have strong vocals but a long lost sound of raw, talented vocals that aren’t drowned out by production. Joni Was Right II is filled with songs that tell stories in a way that will take listeners on a visual journey.  We got to interview Larsen about her EP, check out the interview below!

Variety Beat: How would you describe the overall feeling of your new EP Joni Was Right II?

Marit Larsen: To me, this EP sounds like September. Bittersweet, longing, hopeful, sun drenched, dwelling, ever-changing September. My favorite. It is filled with little hints and nods to Joni Mitchell both lyrically and musically. 

Variety Beat: Were there certain instances that happened that inspired some of the songs on Joni Was Right II

Larsen: Like every other song I’ve written, sparks stood out from the rest and slowly materialized into something more interesting. «Joni was right» is a lyric about childhood, about changing perspectives, excitement and eventually growing up. «Bluebelle mountain» is a metaphor about friendship and a tribute to my new favorite pastime.

Variety Beat: How did your co-write with Joy Williams come about and what was it like writing with her?

Larsen: We met through a mutual friend who is also a brilliant songwriter. The three of us collaborated beautifully; she has a unique presence and is a wandering poet. 

Variety Beat: What’s the most important part about making music to you?

Larsen: I’m in love with the whole journey of it. Getting an idea, struggling to let it unfold, deciding when it’s complete, then arranging, imagining and producing it and leaving something in the world that would not have existed had it not been for that spark and moment in time. It’s definitely got a magical flair to it.

Variety Beat: What’s in store for you following the release of your EP?

Larsen: We’re wrapping up a tour in Norway, then I’m flying out to Brooklyn, NY to spend some time in my new home there. Meanwhile, I’ll keep spreading the word about ‘Joni was right’ online through my little indie label. This is such a wild year for us. 

Variety Beat: What’s something you want fans to know about you?

Larsen: My home is where my music is, and even if I may not have been to your city for a while, I keep you in mind when I create new things and adore all the feedback I get on my socials. I’m so thankful for all the devoted ears and hearts out there.

Listen to Marit Larsen’s EP!








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